Big Brother 20 Spoilers: Week 1 Hacker Competition Winner

Big Brother can never leave a good thing alone, Big Brother 20 is no exception. At the start of the summer, the show introduced the first twist of the season: the BB App Store. This twist lasted for three weeks and gave six players powers and punishments.

Big Brother 20-Julie Chen

The powers introduced saves Tyler Crispen from going on the block at one nomination ceremony. Sam Bledsoe‘s power could have saved her and Kaitlyn Herman from eviction. Bayleigh Dayton‘s power can let her take over the Head of Household’s nomination duties. They have been all-powerful twists, but now CBS has added a new competition that might be a power bigger than all of the app store powers.

Details are still a little confusing but the Hacker competition gives one player the power to cancel an eviction vote, remove a player from the block and name a replacement, and pick a player to play in Veto. Sam tried to make this competition a non-factor by getting everyone to agree to throw it to her.

Of course this didn’t work. Now the Hacker competition has officially been released into the Big Brother 20 game. Like the Big Brother 18 Roadkill, it’s an individual timed competition, where each houseguest gets one shot each week at the power. The winner then gets to keep their win a secret. It could be a very dangerous power for whoever wins it, but also a game winning one if they use it in the right way.



Big Brother 20-Haleigh Broucher

Haleigh Broucher won the first Hacker competition. She used it to remove Scottie from the block and put up Tyler. 

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