Big Brother 20 Spoilers: Eviction Nominations – Week 6

The five weeks prior to this Big Brother 20 weeks have been a little easier for a Head of Household winners. They got to make their nominations without having to think about 40 other factors. He or she only had to worry about their target coming after them the next week, but that’s about it. This week, Angela Rummans needs to worry about a variety of factors, including multiple targets coming after her next week and this Big Brother 2018 week.

Big Brother 20 nominations

The introduction of the Hacker competition has made things even more complicated. The Hacker competition has the potential to save one of Angela’s nominees and take away her control of naming a replacement. That’s strike number one for Angela this week. She has more strikes to come.

In addition to the new Hacker competition, Angela must worry about Bayleigh Dayton‘s power app coming into play. Angela and some members of her team were still confused about what Bayleigh’s app entails. However, Bayleigh cleared up the details of it to Angela and Tyler Crispen. After hearing some of it, Angela reassured Bayleigh that her ally Faysal Shafaat and herself wouldn’t be her targets.

This helped Bayleigh conclude to not use her power app this week, which could prove to be a fatal miscalculation later in the week. The final strike for Angela comes with the Veto. Whoever wins the Veto, per usual can save themselves or someone else from the block.

Potentially, Angela’s nominations could switch her nominations four times before Thursday’s Big Brother 20 Live Eviction. Therefore, Angela had to be very strategic with this week’s nominations. Last night, she told her allies that her plan was to nominate Angie “Rockstar” Lantry and Scottie Salton for eviction.

Angela would make Scottie the pawn, with the hopes that he would win the Hacker competition or veto. She didn’t really give a definitive answer about whether she would want Scottie or Rockstar out if nominations didn’t change. However, it seemed like she was leaning towards evicting Rockstar over Scottie.

With so many chances to change nominations, we expect them to change at some point this week. If they do, Bayleigh may find herself in a lot of danger going into the week. Angela and her allies want to backdoor Bayleigh this week.

So did Angela stick to the initial phase of her plan for this Big Brother 20 week?



Angela nominatations went as planned: she nominated Angie “Rockstar” Lantry and Scottie Salton for eviction. Soon, they will get their first chance to save themselves with the Big Brother 20 Hacker competition.

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