Celebrity Big Brother 2 Live Feeds Highlights-Day 7: Tamar Goes Off

The start of the Celebrity Big Brother 2 Live Feeds started slow. We were stuck watching people play cards. Then we got a hint about Anthony Scaramucci leaving the house early. From there, people kind of went in their own groups.

Jonathan Bennett told Ryan Lochte about being stressed on the block for so long. Ryan also confirmed that if he was forced to make re-nominations, he would likely nominate Joey Lawrence or Ricky Williams. Ryan might have to nominate two additional people if Kato Kaelin uses the Veto.

Following Anthony’s early
exit, Ryan was forced to nominate Kandi Burruss as a replacement nominee for him. Ryan took a break from the Celebrity Big Brother 2 drama by practicing swimming in the pool. His fellow houseguests watched him.

Kandi and Tamar Braxton had an argument about something success and relevancy in Atlanta, and it escalated. Tamar declared that Kandi had to go. She then went on a rant, and Tom Green got kicked out the DR so that they could work on calming Tamar down.

Eva Marie and Lolo Jones had a study session where they revealed some more details about the house. Apparently the houseguests really believe Anthony wasn’t a real houseguest and that has something to do with his exit. They believe he was some mole for CBS, kind of like an America’s Player.

The women also revealed that two people won Power of Veto. Ricky won the first competition and he decided to not use the Veto. Kato was the second winner and plans to use it on Tom.

Tamar was in the Diary Room for awhile. When she returned, she was still set on getting out Kandi. However, Lolo and Eva Marie worked to change her focus to someone else. This was apparently the third day out of seven that Kandi and Tamar got into some type of disagreement.

Dina Lohan and Kato also have sort of a flirtmance going on, and Joey has a decent social game.

It was a very confusing night, but an interesting one. The craziness has officially begun.

Celebrity Big Brother Two

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