Big Brother 18 Houseguests Invade The Bold and The Beautiful

Big Brother 18 may have ended but the alumni news continues. Over the weekend, Big Brother 2016 cast members were seen attending various Big Brother cast and fan parties. They were also seen bonding and conducting interviews.

Big Brother 18's Victor Arroyo
Big Brother 18’s Victor Arroyo

Most of the Big Brother 2016 cast have returned home, and started to prepare to return to their pre-Big Brother lives. Many are taking the opportunity to thank their fans, reflect on their journey, and see where to begin this new post-Big Brother chapter.

Some will use their Big Brother experience to expand their fame. This may include more television appearances. The first step usually includes an appearance on The Bold and The Beautiful.

Since Big Brother 11, it’s been a tradition that Big Brother alumni appear on the hit CBS soap opera. Jeff Schroeder and Rachel Reilly are among the Big Brother special guests who have had multiple stints on The Bold and The Beautiful.

Every year, fans wait for the announcements about whether their favorites will appear on The Bold and The Beautiful. A few of the previous season’s cast members appear on the daytime soap’s special Halloween episode. They play heightened versions of themselves.

Last year, James Huling, John “Johnny Mac” McGuire, Jason Roy, and Meg Maley were the chosen ones to appear on The Bold and The Beautiful. This year, Soap Opera Digest has reported that Paul Abrahamian and Victor Arroyo will appear on The Bold and The Beautiful.

Through a series of snapchats, the Sitting Ducks revealed their special appearance and that also along for the ride is Da’Vonne Rogers. No news yet on the exact air date, but it could be for the special Halloween episode or a little sooner.

Da’Vonne, Paul, and Victor might not be the only Big Brother 18 houseguests to appear on The Bold and The Beautiful, because the show sometimes invites housemates to appear in different intervals. We saw this last year when Jason appeared by himself and Johnny Mac, James, and Meg appeared together on a later episode.

We’ll have to wait and see if any other Big Brother 18 people appear on The Bold and The Beautiful. We’ll also keep you updated on when to set your DVRs for Victor, Paul, and Da’Vonne’s appearances.

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