Who Was Evicted Tonight on Big Brother 25? (9/28/23)

This has been one of the craziest weeks in the history of Big Brother. Following a double eviction of Cameron Harding and Jared Fields last week, the house did not crown a new Head of Household. Consequently, there was no block nominations or Power of Veto ceremony.

BB25 Live Eviction

Jared and Cameron came back into the Big Brother 25 house as zombies. They are fighting each other for the right to return to the game in Resurrection Rumble. The winner of this three-round competition will choose whether to play to re-enter the house or let their opponent decide their fate. Last we checked, Cameron was up in the first round. Who will head home, and who will come back into the game?

Big Brother 25 Week 8 Resurrection Rumble

Jared and Cameron will compete in three rounds over the next 24 hours for the power to decide their own fate. If they win the Resurrection Rumble, they can compete to re-enter the Big Brother 25 house or let their opponent compete instead. Big decisions lie ahead.

The Resurrection Rumble works like this. Each player must move 30 skulls and eyeballs from their coffin to the shovel on the other side of a teetering balance beam. The player must reset and start over if skulls or eyeballs hit the ground.

This competition will be played in three rounds, and they will be given a set amount of time for each round. The first player to hit the buzzer with all 30 body parts in their shovel wins the power to put fate in their own hands. The first round will last 10 minutes.

At the end of round one, Cameron and Jared have seven body parts in their shovels. In round two, both players drop their balls and must reset simultaneously. At the end of round two, the score is Jared – 9 and Cameron – 13.

BB25 Cameron Hardin

The final round began. There is no time limit in this round. The first zombie with 30 body parts in their shovel will win the competition. Cameron won by a score of 30 to 0. Jared dropped a ball and had to restart right as Cameron won. With this victory, Cameron must decide if he will fight to return to the game or let Jared compete.

Resurrection Rumble Aftermath

Jared is devastated he lost the competition against Cameron. Felicia Cannon and Cirie Fields console Jared. Felicia even asked Jared “What would your mother tell you right now”? The irony was that his mother was standing right next to both of them.


Meanwhile, Cameron is working hard to campaign in the Big Brother 25 house. Cameron approached Jag Bains and Matt Klotz. They agree they are all strong players. They decided to bring Blue Kim into their pact also.

Jared went to Cameron and asked if he planned on playing to decide his fate. He told Jared he wanted the ball and would be playing for his life. He still gets a chance to see the competition before deciding.

Big Brother 25 Week 8 Do-Or-Die Eviction Competition

Julie Chen Moonves explained the do-or-die competition to Jared and Cameron. The player must maneuver a ball into the zombie’s hand within 3 minutes. If the ball drops, the player must start over. Cameron was true to his word and planned to play in the competition.


Cameron dropped the ball once and had to restart. After that small mistake, he was flawless. He finished the competition with over a minute left on the timer. Cameron will stay inside the Big Brother 25 house, and Jared will be evicted…again.

During his exit interview with Julie, Jared said Cameron made the right choice. He would have done all he could have done to win. When Julie asked Jared how his mom would fare without him in the Big Brother 25 house, he started to cry. He feels his mother can only trust Blue to help her.

BB25 Jared Fields

In his goodbye messages, America Lopez was rude, bragging about how happy she was that Jared would be out of the game if he heard this message. His mom, Cirie, promised to get revenge for him and target Cory Wurtenburger. Jared has no doubt his mother will succeed with that promise.

Julie advised the remaining houseguests that Scary Week was officially over in Big Brother 25. All houseguests can compete in this week’s HOH as there was not one last week.

Join us again on Sunday, October 1st at 10 PM EST for the next HOH competition and block nominations.


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