Big Brother 25 Epsiode 23: Zombies Take Over Resurrection Rumble

We are coming off double eviction night in the Big Brother 25 house. Things were chaotic as expected, and two houseguests went home. Under Jared Field’s HOH, Cameron Hardin was evicted. Cory Wurtenburger won the HOH and nominated Jared and Blue Kim to the block.

BB25 Cameron Hardin and Jared

The house jumped on Cory’s bandwagon and helped Cory evict Jared right behind Cameron. Julie advised both evicted houseguests about a never-before-seen twist in Big Brother history. Jared and Cameron were going to reenter the house as zombies and one of them will stay in the Big Brother house. In addition, this is a scary week in the house without HOH, block nominees, POV, or eviction. Let’s see how the houseguests handle this news.

Big Brother 25 Drama During Week Seven Double Eviction

During the double eviction chaos, Matt Klotz won the POV. Cory asked him not to use the power and keep the same nominations. Blue asked him to use the power to save her. Jared asked him the same favor. Matt lied and told Jared he would save his game.

Matt wasn’t counting on Jared’s showmance partner, Blue, to spill the beans about Jared being the target. Jared was upset Blue didn’t tell him sooner about him being the target. Jared assumed he had Cirie Fields, Felicia Cannon, and Mecole Hayes in his corner. He only needed one vote and approached Bowie Jane to save his game.

BB25 House Fight

A conversation broke out in the bathroom between Cirie, Bowie, Mecole, and Felicia about the vote. Bowie told Cirie that Jared was being voted out. Cirie didn’t understand that when the majority vote stood before her. Now, she realized they were lying to her, and Jared was the target. Jared was sent home…at least, so they thought.

Big Brother 25 Week Eight Scary-Verse Transmission & Explosion

Let’s not forget this is Scary Week inside the Big Brother 25 house. Cirie received a transmission from the Scary-verse and shared the info with the house. She alerted them that zombies were coming after the double eviction, and Jared and Cameron walked through the Big Brother doorway.

A second transmission alerted the house that there would be no HOH, nominees, POV, or eviction this week. Instead, Cameron and Jared would be battling each other. One will win the right to stay in the house come Thursday. Big Brother’s minds were blown.


All Hell broke loose between Cirie, Jared, and Felicia about lies told between them. This was especially true concerning the Izzy vote flip and the targeting of Jared. Felicia finally blurted out that she didn’t trust anyone in the Big Brother house. Touché!

Cory, America Lopez, Jag Bains, and Matt spoke and want to work with Cameron going forward rather than Jared. Cameron is playing things cool rather than starting fires like Jared. Both Cameron and Jared need to reset their games.

Big Brother 25 Resurrection Rumble

Jared and Cameron will compete in three rounds over the next 24 hours for the power to decide their own fate. If they win the Resurrection Rumble, they can compete to re-enter the Big Brother 25 house or let their opponent compete instead. Big decisions lie ahead.

The Resurrection Rumble works like this. Each player must move 30 skulls and eyeballs from their coffin to the shovel on the other side of a teetering balance beam. The player must reset and start over if any of the skulls or eyeballs hit the ground.

This competition will be played in three rounds, and they will be given a set amount of time for each round. The first player to hit the buzzer with all 30 body parts in their shovel wins the power to put fate in their own hands. The first round will last 10 minutes.

BB25 Resurrection Rumble

At the end of round one, Cameron and Jared have seven body parts in their shovels. In round two, both players drop their balls and must reset simultaneously. At the end of round two, the score is Jared – 9 and Cameron – 14.

The final round of Resurrection Rumble began. That’s where this episode ends. There will not be an episode on this coming Wednesday, so the finale of this competition will happen on Thursday, September 28th at 9 PM EST.


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