Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Live Feeds Day 60 Highlights: Kevin and Alex’s Conflict Escalates

The Big Brother 19 houseguests shocked no one by spending most of the day being petty. As long as Kevin Schlehuber is in the Big Brother house, the houseguests will find new ways to hate him. Alex Ow has officially become the president of this club.

Big Brother 19 Kevin Schlehuber

She upped her petty game again by talking about his age and skin. At one point in the day, Big Brother decided to cut the feeds. Based on the houseguests behavior and discussion, it seems like production had a long talk with them about their behavior. During this off-period, Alex and Kevin apparently got into an argument.

Alex must believe that her behavior is magically exempt from the discussion production likely had with them. Sometimes the houseguests’ level of delusion is astonishing.

Matt’s Rage Continues

Big Brother 19 Matt Clines

Yesterday, Kevin decided to work on his jury management. He privately spoke to Matt Clines about his game, and even confessed to take the $25,000. He wanted Matt to relay this information to the current jurors. Kevin also told Matt that someone was puppeteering the game. He didn’t say who, but it was implied that Alex was doing it.

Eventually, Matt spilled this whole conversation to the other houseguests. This started a discussion between Josh Martinez and Christmas Abbott about Alex’s behavior, and how she was getting cocky. She thought she could control all of them.

The main thing to result from this conversation was that Kevin suspected, or found out (not sure), that Matt was talking about him behind his back. Later, Kevin made a comment about Matt better not be lying on him. Matt started saying that Kevin better not be threatening him.

It lead to another confrontation. This is where the feeds cut. When they returned, Matt was still raging from his argument with Kevin, but the men avoided each other for the remainder of the day.

Matt and Raven Walton also discussed Raven taking Paul Abrahamian as her final two option. She couldn’t fathom a world where she didn’t bring Paul to the final two.

Alex’s Game

Big Brother 19 Cast

Kevin told Christmas that he knows Alex was really the one who threw out his slop. He sees how mean she has been to him, and is worried that her behavior might escalate. Kevin wanted to ask the Diary Room to hold some of his things so Alex didn’t destroy it.

In the Josh and Christmas discussion from earlier, the duo continued to plot about taking out Jason Dent or Alex next week. Meanwhile, Alex couldn’t wait until they could all travel to hang out, and be friends outside the game.

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