Big Brother 19 Week 9 Alliance Updates: Finally There’s A New Sheriff In Town

Nine weeks have already passed inside the Big Brother 19 house and essentially only one person has been calling all of the shots. Veteran player and Big Brother 18 runner-up Paul Abrahamian was in charge, and his minions did exactly as they were told to do…until now.  Finally, a Big Brother 19 houseguest is tired of being a minion and told Paul those words exactly. In addition, Jason Dent told Paul he was tired of feeling like all of his game moves were predetermined for him.

Big Brother 19 Jason Dent

With holding all the game power this week, including Head of Household (HOH) and the Power of Veto (POV) wins, Jason was in a perfect position to make some bold moves.  He has done just that, but those moves have come with some consequences including Jason’s ride-or-die not being too happy with his decisions.  Alex Ow may no longer be Jason’s partner in crime, and she may have been replaced with, of all people, Kevin Schlehuber.

The majority of the house wanted to nominate Matt Clines and Raven Walton for eviction. Jason won the HOH and those plans were checked off the list. Next, Matt and Raven were told that they were mere pawns in a bigger plan to backdoor Kevin…check again.  Kevin would be a replacement nominee, but there was never any intentions to evict him, at that point in the game.

Big Brother 19 Raven Walton

Once Jason won POV this week, things started to change with the majority of the house lead by none other than Paul. He started to consider the power and numbers that Jason gained in the house.  With this realization, Paul wanted to flip the script and really vote out Kevin this week, to eliminate one of Jason’s allies.

Numerous houseguests tried to convince Jason to go along with the original plan to at least nominate Kevin to the block for eviction. This would keep Raven and Matt calm, and the plan saves everyone from Raven’s reaction to the bleak news that either she or Matt were going to jury this week.

All of the houseguests requests and pleas with Jason fell on deaf ears. He explained that he didn’t care about upsetting two people (Matt and Raven) instead of just one houseguest (Kevin). He even went as far as to let Kevin know that he and the majority of the house had originally planned to put Kevin on the block as the renomination.  Although Kevin was never supposed to be evicted, Kevin still begged Jason not to put him on the block.

Big Brother 19 Kevin Schlehuber

Once the time came, Jason played his own game and decided to keep his nominations in place and opted not to use the POV.  As one can imagine, all Hell broke lose in the Big Brother 19 house with Raven as the lead instigator. Unexpectedly, Alex decided to make things as miserable as she could for Kevin. This included throwing away his slop, knowing that he did not know how to make any more for himself.

Others plans are changing in the Big Brother 19 house. Paul is now considering, with allies Josh Martinez and Christmas Abbott, taking Kevin to the final four instead of Raven. Paul feels that Kevin will be much easier to beat in any type of competition. This is a hard point to argue since Kevin has yet to win any competitions.

Josh is also questioning some of his closest allies in the Big Brother house. Apparently, production asked Josh if he trusted that Paul was telling the truth when he promised to take himself and Christmas to the final three. This question from production sent Josh’s alarm bells ringing, and he immediately went to Christmas with the information.  Although they quickly dismissed the thought that Paul is not on their side, the seed has been planted.

Big Brother 19 Josh Martinez

This week has been a mess inside the Big Brother house, but this is the mess we have been waiting for this season. Finally, a houseguest is stepping out from underneath the shadows of Paul and making a name for themselves. While doing so, Jason may have lost his best buddy in the house, Alex.  Matt has received a penalty vote for not following the Big Brother rules, Raven is a hot mess, and houseguests are starting to question Paul. This is the Big Brother season we want to watch…and enjoy!

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