Big Brother 2014 Recap: Power of Veto Gone Wild! 7/9/2014

From the Big Brother spoilers on the Live Feeds this week, we knew tonight’s Power of Veto show was going to be awesome! We’ve had a total meltdown and implosion of The Bomb Squad alliance, huge fights between Big Brother 2014 cast members, and more backstabbing and betrayals that you can shake a stick at. We’re only two weeks into our Big Brother 16 recaps, and already we’re having drama we usually don’t see until the middle of the season. We love it!

Big Brother 16 Zach, Amber & Caleb (CBS)
Big Brother 16 Zach, Amber & Caleb (CBS)

Unfortunately, the CBS Big Brother show doesn’t have time to show ALL of the amazing craziness that took place around the Power of Veto Competition and Ceremony this past weekend. So before (or after) the show tonight, be sure to catch up on the full insanity of what’s been going down on the Big Brother Live Feeds in our spoilers recap.

If you don’t have the Live Feeds for yourself yet, now is the time to sign up and get those playing. You can use the free two-day trial to rewind and watch all the fabulous action CBS doesn’t have time to show! We always include flashback times in our Live Feeds reports so you can easily find the best times to rewind and check out all the fun stuff.


But now it’s time to get to our CBS Big Brother Power of Veto show tonight and watch an ‘out of this world’ Power of Veto Competition, a ‘five Houseguests yelling at once’ Power of Veto ceremony, and all the delicious wild fun in between!

Our live Big Brother 16 recap starts right here below at 8PM ET. Stay tuned!

We kick off, of course, with a review of the events up until tonight — including Devin’s big confessional about betraying his alliance with Donny, Devin making a deal with Paola to use the Power of Veto on her if she thew the battle of the Block, and Paola going threw with the deal.

Frankie says: “This is Big Brother, stop telling the truth!” as we launch into tonight’s show.

Devin calls himself The Puppet Master in Diary Room because he has been “pulling so many strings” this week. He’s pumped because Paola threw the Battle of the Block as planned after he promised to save her from the block if he wins Power of Veto. Now he’s the sole remaining Head of Household of the week and feeling very full of himself, obviously.

Christine, Nicole, and Hayden sneak into the pantry and carefully close the door before launching into a brief but wild celebration dance of victory. Nicole and Hayden are safe from eviction this week and Christine most likely is as well. Nicole says their “little weirdo alliance” is still together! They gyrate around wildly for a moment before calmly exiting so no one will suspect they are working together.

Amber is no longer HoH but she says in Diary Room that she hopes she will be safe because she is in The Bomb Squad with Devin and he’s in control right now. Caleb gives her a hug to comfort her for her loss. Meanwhile, Brittany tells Paola in the Fire Bedroom that she feels like she is going home this week. She knows she is Devin’s target but she says in Diary Room she is not going down without a fight.

Devin apologizes to Hayden for even having to be in the position to fight in the Battle of the Block. He says he had to put two strong people up against Amber’s team to make sure they won. And, of course, he had Paola up there to throw the competition as well. Paola says yeah, she could have dominated it if she had wanted to but didn’t on purpose.

In Diary Room, Hayden laughs at the idea that Paola could ever win a competition and says she never will as long as she is in this house. But either way, he and Nicole are safe. Devin tells him that they never would have put him on the block if they weren’t sure he would be safe. Then he akwardly hugs Hayden and is whispering about how he will protect him and keep him safe and make sure he gets his [Jury] money. In Diary Room, Hayden says Devin is just all over the place and giving him this creepy man hug and he’s afraid he is going to stick his tongue in his ear…

Nicole thanks Hayden for making sure they would be safe this week. Hayden says they just need to be prepared for if this whole Paola throwing the Battle of the Block competition gets leaked. The last thing they want to be associated with is Devin and his “evil genius” plans. Hayden tells Nicole if something does leak, they just have to say they never had anything to do with that. In Diary Room, Hayden says now that all of that is out of the way, it’s time for him and Nicole to “uh… get down to some serious business…” He asks her if they can kiss it out and she is like “no, gooosshhh” as he grins.

Zach, Cody, Derrick, and Christine talk in the Hive Room about who should go home this week. In Diary Room, Zach says there are two divisions of The Bomb Squad alliance. The people who support Devin and are idiots, and the non-supporters who are firm believers that Devin is insane. Zach tells the other that the only person who wants Brittany gone this week is Devin. They all agree. They all like Brittany and she’s a strong player. Why would they keep Pao, she’s weaker. They are just getting rid of all the players who don’t like Devin and would go after him.

They are all agreed they are basically just doing Devin’s dirty work for him and Cody says he is not doing it two weeks in a row. Christine says she is not going to do what he wants anymore either. Zach says whoever doesn’t get evicted this week, they need to reel them in and they need to backdoor Devin next week — simple as that.

Caleb is still crushing hard on Amber. Caleb is dressed up in an American flag tank top and out in the backyard talking to Amber and Christine in the hammock. He says he is definitely “superman” and Amber replies that she is “superwoman” and he says… “we’ll find out.” Frankie and Devin are watching and listening to this from the couches outside with what looks like kind of utter disgust on their faces.

Caleb says they will find out when Amber is on the block because superwoman pulls herself off every time. She says when he is up on the block, she is going to sit back and have her glass of wine. She’ll blow him a kiss to say bye.

Frankie says they have a flirt-mance going on. Devin says it’s dangerous and detrimental to the team. In Diary Room, he says Amber is just playing with Caleb’s emotions. He’s totally just responding to it. Who is Caleb going to choose, Amber or his alliance members?

Caleb, Derrick, Amber, and Christine discuss who to vote out depending on what happens at the Power of Veto Competition and Ceremony. Amber is afraid that if they don’t vote out Brittany, who she says Devin is targeting for “personal reasons,” then he will be angry and come after them. Caleb says Devin would “throw a cow” if they went against his plan. Caleb says he and Devin are going to butt heads soon for the way he has talked to Amber.


Amber says Devin doesn’t allow him to talk, he just tries to control him. Derrick says Amber should be able to say whatever she wants and not be afraid. Christine says she can’t even listen to Devin talk to Amber because of how demeaning he is. Christine says in Diary Room that Devin is the last person she wants to be in an alliance in. Caleb says he protects Devin because they are friends and in an alliance, but at the end of the day he will protect his “queen” [Amber] more. He would much rather have Amber next to him than Devin. In Diary Room, he says women should be treated with loyalty and respect.

Big Brother 16 July 9 2014 14

Later, Caleb tells Devin that everyone thinks Devin put up Brittany for personal reasons. Devin says that is exactly why he put her up. Caleb says there are people in the alliance that don’t want to vote out Brittany and it is causing chaos. Devin accuses Caleb of saying this stuff because he was talking to Brittany. Caleb says the girls are scared to death of talking to him.

Devin goes up to HoH and starts talking in front of the camera about Caleb not having his back even though he has always had his. He’s like, Caleb is just a lovestruck… but he doesn’t even care. He is pissed off. Devin outs out and confronts Caleb and says he never talks to any of the girls in a disrespectful way. He says the whole alliance is off, he is done. Caleb says if that is the case then he will be going home next week.

Back from commercial and we find out the two new members of the Team America secret alliance are Frankie and Derrick. Frankie is beside himself with glee and says it is the coolest thing ever. To find out who the other members are, they will all go to the weight bench tonight and use code words to reveal themselves to each other: bald eagle and apple pie.

Derrick and Frankie quickly figure out they in the alliance together. Finally Donny wanders out and Derrick knows immediately that he has to be the third person in the alliance. They continue to bait each other for the code words. They are so obvious that if I was listening I would be like, come on, you are so up to something.

Wake up and time to choose players for the Veto Competition. Brittany and Paola will play as the two nominees with Devin as the HoH. The randomly drawn players are Zach, Derrick, and Amber. Three Bomb Squad members were picked but after last night, Devin doesn’t know who is going to stay loyal and keep the nominations the same.

Caleb goes up to talk to Devin in the HoH room. In Diary Room, Caleb says what happened last night was just a thing and it was stupid and they are buddies. Devin says it set him off that Caleb said he talked bad to the women in the house. He says he does not take that stuff lately. Caleb tells him that the other alliance members don’t have a problem with Brittany and they thought they were going after floaters.

Devin says that is stupid and they can work with a floater like Paola but Brittany will try to put them up. Devin and Caleb promise they will take care of each other. Caleb then slips up and says he wouldn’t agree with anyone who would put Devin up. Devin wants to know who said that and Caleb says… uh, well, everyone.

Devin calls a Bomb Squad meeting to hash things out. Devin says this is not a dictatorship and and everyone has to get together on who to vote out. He says he promised Paola that she would be safe if she threw the competition but it is not a dictatorship. The women basically refuse to say anything as usual in front of Devin. Zach says he likes Brittany more and wants Brittany to stay. And absolutely no one backs him up. Devin says that Caleb said there are people in the alliance that want him gone but no one will confess that. Devin says they have to keep each other safe until Jury.

So now Zach is the guy on Devin’s radar and he talks to him one on one and promises that he will be loyal to him to the end. But he does tell Devin that he did talk about getting Devin out but he says he didn’t mean it. In Diary Room, Devin is all like, I know everything I need to know now.

Now it’s time for America to send their secret alliance on a mission. Here are the choices to vote for at

CBS Big Brother 16 July 9 2014

Now it’s time for the space-themed Power of Veto Competition. Devin tells Paola right before the competition that if he wins, he will pull her off the block. Zach says in Diary Room that it’s obvious the only person Devin has their back is Devin.

The Houseguests have to balance 10 planets with Big Brother-themed names on a set of iron rods so that none of them touch the ground. The first person to get it right will win the Power of Veto. Devin wants all the power in the house. Derrick wants to win so the nominations stay the same but they can get out Paola instead of Brittany. Brittany needs to win so she is not afraid to get evicted, but she is terrible at the game. So is Amber. And Paola, who keeps hitting herself in the head. Christine laughs in Diary Room that Paola is just terrible at everything.

Meanwhile, Zach almost has his puzzle done and then screws up and his planets fall off. He hopes Derrick will win it instead of Devin. Christine is rooting for Derrick is hard as well and hopes Derrick will not win. Derrick rushes to try to win but Devin is faster and hits his button first. Now Devin has all the power in the house. Brittany says knowing Devin won just kills her and she is going to have to fight to stay in the house. Paola says in Diary Room that Devin told her he would save her, but you never know with this guy because he’s “like the Devil.”

Zach says it is time for a little damage control and goes to talk to Devin. He tells Devin congrats for winning. Devin wants to know who Zach wants to vote out. Zach avoids the answer. Devin says he doesn’t trust Zach anymore. Devin pretty much throws him out of the room and says he doesn’t want to talk to him. Zach goes to talk to Frankie and tells him he’s in trouble. Frankie asks Zach why he isn’t lying, why is he telling the truth. Frankie says it is simple, if you tell Devin you disagree with him, then Devin is not going to trust him.

In Diary Room, Frankie says he likes Zach, but it is not good if Zach is going to blow his game. They talk it out and hug and have a little Zankie moment, but Zach knows he is in big trouble.

Brittany goes up to the HoH to talk to Devin and ‘suck up’ to him. She totally plays the ‘parents’ card with him and talks about the tough struggle of being parents in the house. She says it isn’t worth missing all the things with her kids just to get sent home now. Devin says in Diary Room that Brittany has touched his heart. He asks if he uses the Veto to take her off the block, would she be loyal to him. She says yes 100 percent. In Diary Room, Brittany says it was like making a deal with the devil and made her feel sick.

CBS Big Brother 16 July 9 2014 4

Devin confesses to Brittany that Paola threw the Battle of the Block competition. Brittany is shocked. He tells her he wanted her to know as a gesture of good faith.

Devin goes down and talks to Zach and tells him that he is being honest saying he doesn’t trust him. Zach is like, I may have said stuff, but I didn’t mean it. Devin is not listening to him and he doesn’t really care. Zach says he has only been honest with him and if he wants to put him on the block, then do what he is going to do. Devin tells Zach he is digging his own grave right now.

Time for the Power of Veto Ceremony and Devin to decide how he is going to use the Power of Veto. He says he is stuck in a catch-22 that he has promised both Paola and Brittany that he would save them. And if he puts Zach up, he’ll be going against his own alliance. Zach says in Diary Room that if Devin puts him on the block, he will do his best to take him down.

Devin gives the nominees the chance to tell him why he should save them. Paola bares her cute outfit and says it is the only time she is going to shine. And then just sits down. Brittany says she wants to make it clear she is not a threat and she hasn’t done anything to backstab anyone in the house. She says there are some people if you keep them, you’ll probably wake up with a knife in your back.

Devin says he looks at Brittany as a huge threat, but getting to know her, he knows she is a great woman, a great person, and a great mother. He refuses to let a single mother of three sit on the block and maybe walk out the door. So he is using the Power of Veto on her. Then he announces he will be putting up Zach as the replacement nominee, betraying The Bomb Squad alliance.

We are now hoping to see all the crazy drama erupt we know happened at the Veto Ceremony… but no! They cut us off and make us wait until tomorrow night for the huge fight, yelling, backstabbing and fun! Drat! If you can’t wait to find out what happened, however, you can get the scoop in our Big Brother Live Feeds spoilers report.

Well, that’s a wrap and I hope we’ll see you on Thursday for all the fun!

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