Big Brother Spoilers: Bomb Squad Explodes and Zankie Is Over? – 7/8/2014

We have been watching the Big Brother Live Feeds over the past few days as The Bomb Squad alliance went from the most powerful force in the house, to a self-destructing land mine of chaos. The fireworks started when Devin and Caleb were at each other’s throats this weekend, resulting in Devin declaring the alliance was over in front of half the house. But that was just the beginning of the delicious drama in our latest Live Feeds udpate…

Big Brother Live Feeds (CBS)
Big Brother Live Feeds (CBS)

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother 16 spoilers from the Live Feeds that have not yet aired on the CBS show. You have been warned! Proceed are your own risk.

For a very brief amount of time, it seemed like The Bomb Squad Alliance might remain intact after Caleb decided to apologize to Devin over their fight (5:10 PM Saturday). With Devin having all the power this week and the ability to put Caleb up as a renom, he really didn’t have much choice but to suck up to him. Caleb told Devin that Zach, Cody, and Derrick would not be on board to vote out Brittany this week as Devin wanted.

Devin then called a meeting of The Bomb Squad (5:45 PM Saturday) where he basically told everyone they need to get in line and do what he tells them to do. Right after the meeting was over, the Power of Veto Competition took place.

The crazy ramped up in the Big Brother 2014 house when it ended up being Devin who won the Power of Veto (8:45 PM Satuday). Devin had promised he would use the PoV if he won it to take Paola off the block in exchange for her throwing the Battle of the Block Competition. But now he wants to betray that deal and save Brittany instead, the girl he had been campaigning against all week.

Then, suddenly things got even weirder. Devin started polling all of The Bomb Squad members about who they would vote out if it was Brittany vs. Victoria, or Brittany vs. Paola, etc. Zach told him he would vote out Victoria if she was up (because Zach HATES Victoria). Devin was seriously pissed off by this choice, said he could no longer trust Zach, and threw him out of the HoH room (9:00 PM Saturday).

In the aftermath of this confrontation, Devin secluded himself with Brittany for an astonishing 80 MINUTES of back and forth bitching and deal-making. It ended with Devin, who formerly seemed to pretty much hate Brittany, telling her he was going to take her off the block and put up Victoria. And then they hugged.

Zach was entirely freaked out by what happened with Devin and started blabbing all over the place. Despite Frankie telling him to just shut up and lie to Devin and play it safe, Zach told Derrick about every side alliance he knows of in the house to try to win him to his side. Zach wanted to call a House Meeting and expose The Bomb Squad, but Derrick desperately tried to talk him out of it. Frankie also tried to get Zach to calm down, but it wasn’t working very well.

On Sunday morning (8:25 AM Sunday), Zach was ready to go toe to toe with Devin and blow things up. He told Frankie he wanted to make Devin so mad he would hit him and then get expelled off the show. Frankie told him to just please wait until after the Power of Veto Ceremony so he didn’t end up going up as the renom. A little while later, Zach told Frankie that Cody and Derrick told him that he should trust Frankie.

This leads to Frankie totally throwing Zach and Cody under the bus to Devin (10:40 AM Sunday). He warned Devin that Zach and Cody might go after him next week. Devin wanted to talk to Zach, but Zach refused. Devin then told Caleb that The Bomb Squad is now only Devin, Caleb, Amber, Frankie, and Christine (12:30 PM Sunday).

Zach finally talked to Devin but would not back down and said he did not care if Devin put him up for eviction (3:30 PM Sunday).

Frankie told Victoria that Zach is now going to be the one to go home this week. Cody told Zach that he still had his back no matter what. Derrick told Devin he would vote Zach out, but his conversations with Zach told a different story.

Devin campaigned against Zach with Frankie and Christine (12:55 AM Monday). Specifically, he wanted to push the idea that Zach is not nice to women, but Frankie advised him not to do that.

Caleb also did not want Zach to go up on the block and really wanted the alliance to get back on track. Frankie, however, was actively campaigning to get rid of Zach, whom he no longer trusts. We began to mourn the loss of Zankie, the only sort-of (if not consummated) showmance of the season so far.

All the drama and tension finally hit the fan big time at the Power of Veto Ceremony. We won’t get to actually see it until Wednesday night’s show. However, we learned a lot about the insanity of what happened in the aftermath on the Big Brother Live Feeds (1:20 PM Monday).

As he promised Brittany in their wacky long talk, Devin used the PoV to take her off the block. Devin was so impressed with that conversation, BTW, that he now has a huge crush on Brittany and can’t stop talking about it. So very bizarre. Then Devin put up Zach as the renom, which is only to be expected because Devin can’t stand being talked back to. That was just the start, however, of what was apparently a totally whacked PoV Ceremony.

Somewhere around the PoV Ceremony, Brittany revealed Paola threw the Battle of the Block at Devin’s request, which Paola then loudly denied and said anyone who says different is lying. Hayden revealed that Devin told him and Nicole that she was going to throw it and threatened him to stay quiet.

Even more dramatic, however, was Zach apparently going full-tilt nutsy. Not only did he go after Devin, but he ended up throwing Frankie under the bus because Derrick and Cody had told him not to trust Frankie anymore.  There was apparently a lot of yelling and nastiness all around.

After the meeting, Zach apologized to Frankie for what happened and Frankie told him they were still fine and he still trusts Zach totally. He was lying through his teeth.

Meanwhile, Paola was pissed about Zach calling her a liar about throwing the Battle of the Block Competition. And more pissed at Devin for betraying their deal and not using the Power of Veto on her. Hayden told Zach and Derrick that Amber lied when she said she did not know about Devin’s deal with Paola, because she was in the room when they discussed it at one point.

With nothing really left to lose, at least in his opinion, Zach told Hayden about The Bomb Squad, with Derrick as witness. Zach is campaigning to get enough votes to stay and wants to work to get Devin and Caleb out. Hayden is all about this idea (2:05 PM Monday). Frankie found out quickly what Zach did and went to tell a very shocked Amber and Christine about the betrayal.

Amber then tried to work Caleb and Derrick to get rid of Zach on The Bomb Squad and bring in Hayden and Nicole instead (2:45 PM Monday).

Paola and Zach got into a catfight (3:15 PM Monday) over the Battle of the Block deal. Zach called her a liar for saying she did not throw the competition. She kept denying it even though all the evidence was against her. Everyone pretty much knows she did it, but she can’t just tell the truth and admit it.

Devin decided to invite Hayden into The Bomb Squad to replace now expelled member Zach.

Oh, and the final Team America secret alliance was revealed in here as well, with Frankie, Derrick, and Donny all revealing to each other that they were on the team. They’ve all promised to stick with the alliance to the end, and apparently had to sign some sort of special alliance paperwork with production.

Cody, Derrick, and Hayden seem to be into getting enough votes to save Zach. Frankie has been campaigning against Zach while promising him that he has his back and coaching him how to get votes to stay. He also promised Team America he would vote to keep Zach, but we don’t know if we believe him. Although he told Zach he is just acting like he wants him out, we feel like Zankie is truly over and Frankie really DOES want Zach out.

Caleb is pissed at Devin and Zach both but he still seems tighter with Devin. Zach campaigned for votes from Christine and Nicole, but we’ll have to wait and see how that goes. Jocasta seems to be on board with keeping Paola. Despite strong campaigning from Derrick, Victoria hates Zach and doesn’t want to save him.

As it stand right now, it looks like it could be a close battle for the votes this week. Zach seems to have Derrick, Cody, Hayden, Nicole, Christine, and possibly Donny behind him. Paola appears to have Devin, Amber, Brittany, Caleb, and possibly Victoria, Jocasta, and Frankie. Frankie could flip to vote with his other Team America secret alliance members. And Zach’s supporters are still hopeful at turning Jocasta and Victoria as well.

Looks like a very fun week ahead!

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