Big Brother Spoilers: Wednesday Live Feeds Report – 7/9/2014

If you missed out on the Big Brother 16 spoilers from the Live Feeds over the weekend, we urge you to do a quick catch up before the Power of Veto show on Wednesday night. The drama and insanity in the aftermath of the Power of Veto Competition & Ceremony over the weekend was just delicious!

Big Brother 16 Devin & Brittany (CBS)
Big Brother 16 Devin & Brittany (CBS)

Not only have we had a total meltdown of the most power alliance in the game, The Bomb Squad, but we’ve had a huge power shift in the house as a results. While both sides of a now divided Big Brother 2014 house now believe they control the eviction on Thursday night, the results of the live vote are still far from guaranteed.

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother 16 spoilers from the Live Feeds that have not yet aired on the CBS show. You have been warned! Proceed are your own risk.

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Tuesday night in the Big Brother house was mostly a lot of back and forth over who is going to vote for Zach or Paola at the eviction this week. Devin and the remainder of The Bomb Squad are fighting to get out Zach, while Zach’s new cohorts both inside and out of his former alliance are working hard to save him and get out Paola.

Last night, Derrick made a major score in an awesome to watch conversation with Caleb, Devin’s former best buddy, around 10 PM BBT. In what was just a masterful move, Derrick actually seems to have convinced Caleb to get on board with the vote to save Zach, totally defying Devin and basically stealing his best ally in the house. Of course, that whole fight between Devin and Caleb over the weekend started the crack, but Derrick and then Zach right behind him burst it right open.

That leads us into our Big Brother Live Feeds report for Wednesday, starting with the scheming and plotting continuing all night long and into the wee hours of the morning.

12:00 AM – Zach has just finished telling Amber what’s going on with the votes. Caleb joins them and takes over the conversation, assuring Amber that Zach is giving her the real lowdown. Christine and Paola whisper in the Hive Room. Paola says she told Devin he was a bully and her loyalty is no longer with him, it is with Donny and Jocasta.

12:45 AM – Caleb tells Frankie to go ahead and tell Devin that they have the votes to make sure Zach stays this week. Devin takes it in a creepy calm manner and tells Frankie that he will now be focused on taking out the members of The Bomb Squad one by one.

Meanwhile, Hayden and Nicole are snuggled up in the hammock and it is very cute. He tells her there is no other girl in the house that he likes. Nicole says she knows she can trust him and he’s just normal and goofy.

12:55 AM – Devin has twice screwed over his Double D alliance with Donny, but with no one left to turn to, he tries to make nice with him yet again. So he tells Donny all about The Bomb Squad.

1:05 AM – Zach tells Victoria he has the votes to stay in the house. Victoria still hates him and the feeling is mutual, it’s obvious.

1:15 AM – Devin moves on to the next person he thinks he might rally to his side, Brittany. He betrayed his deal with Paola to use his Power of Veto to save her, and rescued Brittany instead. So she should owe him, right? Devin tells her all about The Bomb Squad and that everyone wanted her out except for Cody. She is not happy that people have been lying to her. She is especially shocked that Derrick wanted to vote her out because she thought they were very close. She calls Derrick a d*ck and she is very upset.

Meanwhile, Frankie tells Cody, Derrick, and Zach about his conversation with Devin. They all start talking about how they have to get Devin out next week. Derrick is worried about Brittany but Cody says that Brittany hates Devin.

1:50 AM – Hayden and Nicole continue to snuggle in the hammock. He wants to hug her but she doesn’t like that people are watching. Finally she gives in and gives him a hug. He wants to know if she would kiss him and she says yes, but she won’t. She tells him not to try to surprise her with one either. She gets up and leaves.

2:05 AM – Back to Devin and he’s spilling the beans to Jocasta about The Bomb Squad as well. She talks about Zach and how he mistreats women and that she can’t justify keeping him when she runs a women’s ministry at home. Brittany and Jocasta both start crying. Jocasta says she is doing this for her husband. Brittany says she came in dealing with a divorce and she’s afraid her ex will take her kids.

2:15 AM – Paola is still doing her best to campaign and tries working Nicole.

2:30 AM – Cody, Zach, and Derrick talk about Devin blowing up The Bomb Squad to everyone. They mutually agree they will just tell people it was a one week deal if they are exposed. Caleb says he is willing to say he has been with Devin since the start. Caleb goes and tells Amber that they have her back and she should not get crazy because that will make him get crazy.

Meanwhile, Frankie talks to Christine and Victoria about backdooring Devin next week. Frankie leaves and goes and tells Zach, Derrick, Hayden, and Caleb that Brittany made a deal with Devin to save her from the block this week and she can’t be trusted. Zach doesn’t believe that is true. Frankie says, well, yeah, but that is what we can say if she starts sh*t with them.

3:10 AM – Caleb tells Paola that Brittany and Devin have to be working together because he used the Veto on her.

Brittany, BTW, has slept pretty much not at all for about three days.

3:30 AM – Derrick wants to get Jocasta and Brittany alone so he can work on doing some damage control.

4:00 AM – Devin tells Frankie he is angry at Caleb and he’s ready to just go it alone in the house. He doesn’t want to be an alliance with Caleb.

4:05 AM – Derrick tells Caleb that you “don’t f**k with a man’s family and you don’t f**k with a man’s money” and he is not going to f**king deal with Devin anymore. He doesn’t care if Caleb still works with him, but Devin is a shady motherf**ker and he is done with him. He talks about Brittany and Devin talking for hours and when she came down she wouldn’t talk to her and she always would before.

4:40 M – Derrick hugs Brittany in the kitchen and promises he has always had her back and still does. He wishes she had come and talked to him after talking to Devin, but she is going to do what she is going to do. Brittany thanks him and he says it is all good. Tension all around.

5:00 AM – Derrick tells the cameras that Devin is the worst player in the history of the show. Meanwhile, outside Zach, Paola, Jocasta, and Zach are talking. Jocasta says she heard Zach say something about ripping out Victoria’s tongue. Zach gets mad and says he wouldn’t say something like that. Jocasta says she can’t be seen voting for a man who would say stuff like he does to women.

5:55 AM – Brittany tells Paola she is sorry Paola made a stupid decision to make a deal with Devin. She says everyone in this house is fake and lying. Paola tells Brittany f**k you. Brittany says she is going to go to sleep and Zach asks if she is going to go up to the HoH where Devin is. Brittany gives Zach the finger as she walks off.

7:00 AM Jocasta is worried she is going to be the only person to vote for Paola to stay because she doesn’t believe anyone. Paola thinks everyone is lying about votes too.

7:15 AM – Zach and Cody talk about Caleb’s continued obsession with Amber and how it is hurting his game. Cody says Amber told him that Devin freaks her out and he is creepy. Cody says Hayden is going to tell Caleb what Amber said to get him to vote her out.

8:00 AM – Production leak when Cody wonders if Big Brother will make him pay for damaging his microphone. We hear someone in production say “We should! Because seriously what the f**k… but at least he feels bad… and feels extremely f**ked up about it… which makes me hate him less!” We LOL over that.

8:15 AM – Cody says he likes Amber and he flirts, but he has to keep his head in the game. Zach jokes that Nicole would like to get with him. Cody laughs.Cody says he f**king hated The Bomb Squad alliance with Devin.

9:30 AM – All the Houseguests are finally in bed… but not for long.

9:35 AM – Feeds cut out for wake up call. When they come back, some of the HGs are up again. Donny and Frankie go into the Hive Room to talk. They talk game and alliances. Donny tells Frankie that he was told about The Bomb Squad alliance of eight. Frankie tries to cover, saying it was actually two groups of three people with Frankie/Caleb/Devin and Cody/Zach/Derrick.

Donny says Zach will get the votes he needs to stay, but he would like to throw a vote to Paola because they have been friends. Frankie says Devin wants to recruit Jocasta, Victoria, Brittany, and him. Derrick comes into join them. They ask Donny to work with him as Team America and to keep watch on Devin for them to help keep everyone safe. Donny wants to know if the girls are okay with keeping Zach, who is always saying nasty crap about women. They are going to explain keeping Zach is about having a bigger target in the house than them.

10:10 AM – Christine tells Amber that Devin is crazy and Brittany was acting really strange last night. Amber says Devin wants to control everyone. Christine says Devin is an idiot and it isn’t Amber’s fault she went along with him because he pushed her into it.

10:35 AM – Derrick tells Frankie that Brittany lied to him last night about what Devin said to her. He says everyone needs to ignore Devin or people will think they are working with him. Christine comes over and Derrick tells her that Devin threw all of them under the bus last night. He says none of them should go up to the HoH room and talk to him anymore.

10:50 AM – Derrick confronts Brittany about lying to him last night and he tells her it really hurt her feelings. Brittany says she didn’t lie to him, she just didn’t want to talk to anyone. She says she doesn’t know who to trust. Derrick says he has not lied to her and he is upset she doesn’t trust him.  Then he lies to her by saying The Bomb Squad was just a one week deal. Brittany does not want to talk game with anyone.

Derrick says he is not working with Devin and he wants her in the house for personal reasons. Derrick says he wants to be able to tell her stuff and trust that it won’t screw him. Brittany says she thinks a lot of people made deals with Devin and now they don’t want to stick to them. Derrick says yeah. Brittany says Devin is toxic to her game and that she trusts Derrick 100 percent and she is still team Derrick. He says he will give her space but if she has his back, he will have her back. She says she already said she did say that and she is f**king tired!

11:15 Am – Donny tells Jocasta about Devin waking him up and telling him about the eight person alliance. Jocasta says she knew there was an alliance, but not that it was that big.

11:55 AM – Donny and Nicole talk about being in an alliance with Cody and Hayden. Donny feels that they can trust him.

12:10 PM – So far Devin is sticking to his vow of staying up in the HoH room. Amber thinks he will stay there all day. Cody says he is a 2 year old in a giant’s body.

12:15 PM – Donny is in the game! He tells Nicole that she can use his name with Hayden to make her look like a better prospect. She says she trusts Hayden more than anyone else. She remarks that he had over a 4.0 GPA in high school and he’s really smart.

12:35 PM – Caleb tells Frankie that keeping Paola is not a good idea because anyone who wins Head of Household can put her up to make sure they lose the Battle of the Block. Not only does she suck at competitions, but she’s already shown she is willing to throw them. Brittany also wants Paola out. Caleb says he will never go to HoH with Devin up there or talk to him in private again because he spreads lies about people.

12:10 PM – Houseguests find out they will be Have-Nots for another day as it won’t end until tomorrow night.

12:50 PM – Indoor lockdown for the Houseguests. Nicole is listening to Devin in the HoH room as he goes on and on and tells her everything about everything. She looks very bored and sleepy. Nicole tells him that she heard his alliance members talking mean about him and would never have thought they were together with him. Nicole says she is not stupid or shocked about the alliance. She was hurt she wasn’t invited but now she’s glad since it all fell apart. Devin says he and Caleb won’t be able to make up after all that has been said. Nicole says she won’t say anything about their talk.

1:15 PM – Caleb defends Amber to Donny and tries to make it look like she really wasn’t bad at all for working with Devin. He says it is all him and Devin. He also says Devin had a bunch of side alliances and it just made him THINK he had an eight person alliance. He says he still plans to keep Devin until he just can’t do it anymore. He says he is in an alliance with Devin and Amber, but Amber is his first concern. They talk game for a while.

1:35 PM – Hayden is still holding on to the secret of how nasty Amber talks about Caleb behind his back and really doesn’t like him and thinks he is creepy. He plans to use it at just the right time to make sure Caleb votes Amber out. Hayden tells Donny about Devin trying to get him into The Bomb Squad. Donny says he trusts Nicole and Caleb 100 percent, and Jocasta 99 percent. But Hayden needs to be careful who he trusts.

Meanwhile, Caleb tries to convince Jocasta of Amber not being a bad guy either. He says Devin dragged her into all of it and made her look bad. Caleb calls Amber his “princess.”

1:45 PM – Jocasta cries next to Cody in the Earth Bedroom because everyone is all lying and stuff and she can’t play like that. She talks about her past and how she had hard times. She says she has hurt a lot of people because she was hurt. She dated a lot of men and got screwed and then dated a woman because she thought that might be better. But she screwed her too. Cody shares that he had some rough times too with growing up really young and starting to drink really young.

1:55 PM – Hayden teases Nicole about not wanting to have a kiss on television. She says what if it is horrible? Hayden says he would build a house for her. She laughs that he doesn’t know how to do manly things and he needs to learn. Nicole asks Donny if he knows what NSAI stands for and he says it means non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Feeds cut out. When they come back, Donny is off to the Diary Room and Caleb tells Nicole there is no way Donny should know that. He says Donny must have gone to medical school. Let the Donny conspiracies continue!

2:20 PM – Amber and Cody talk about how they like Jocasta. Amber says Devin hasn’t been down all day because he is embarrassed. Cody says Devin has totally messed up Caleb’s game but they are there to protect him. Amber says she can’t believe they were all about saving Brittany and now Brittany is treating them like crap and not talking to them. Cody and Amber say there is no alliance any more and they want to play their own game. Jocasta joins and they talk about how they think Zach and Paola are into each other.

3:15 PM – Nicole tells Victoria there was an eight person alliance and her and Hayden weren’t in it and that is why they went up on the block. Victoria says Caleb told her there was no eight person alliance. Nicole says there was and they had a plan to all make it to Jury. Victoria says Caleb is making sh*t up and Nicole says they all are. Nicole asks her please not to tell Frankie she knows about it all. Victoria promises she won’t.

3:35 PM – Donny talks to Nicole about the eight person alliance Hayden told him about. Donny says the four main people in the alliance were Devin, Caleb, Frankie, and Amber. Nicole says Frankie is probably playing all sides of the house. Donny says it reminds him of how Andy played last year.  Donny says if they both won HoH, they could put Devin up on one side and Caleb on the other so one of them would go home.

4:20 PM – Victoria comes in with a box and gathers all the Houseguests. Inside the box is a new “activity tracker” (basically a Fit Bit) that will allow the fans to monitor all of their stats. Like how many steps they take, how much they sleep, how many calories they burn. Each player has a tracker that is theirs and they cannot trade either the trackers or the wrist bands around. When they change their audio mics in the morning, they will take off their tracker and it will sync online.

4:30 PM – Devin looks ominous in the pantry all by himself.

5:00 PM – Donny tells Derrick he doesn’t think that Frankie would blow up Team America, but he doesn’t want to screw up his power in the house either. Donny doesn’t trust Frankie at all though and thinks he is still working with Caleb and Amber. Donny thinks America voted to put the three of them together because it would make good TV. They still don’t know Frankie has that big fan base of his own from YouTube and his famous sister’s fans voting for him too…

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