Big Brother Spoilers: Veto Ceremony & Final Nominees 9/14/2015

The Big Brother spoilers are in from the early Veto Ceremony this week that took place on Sunday. CBS Big Brother has all the events and competitions on a bit of a fast forward because the episodes will be airing on Tuesday and Wednesday this week, instead of on Wed and Thurs.

Big Brother Power of Veto (CBS)

With only just over a week left before we crown the next Big Brother winner, several of the remaining Houseguests look ready to make some big moves to get out their strongest competitors. Now would be the time, because who you end up with in the final two will make or break your chance of winning a half million dollars.

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds and CBS show. Please do not proceed if you do not want spoilers!

After winning the Power of Veto Competition on Friday, we had no doubt Johnny Mac would use the PoV on himself. No way was he going to even consider any other option, and no one was crazy enough to really suggest he stay on the block as anyone’s alleged pawn. So despite all the odds that seemed against him the past few weeks — including being evicted once already — Johnny Mac is going to make it to the final four.

But which one of the other remaining Houseguests won’t be there? Vanessa as the Head of Household will be moving on, of course, but who would she choose to replace Johnny Mac on the block? Would they end up being the big target, or would Steve finally get the boot?

Vanessa  had a lot of those around and around talks with everyone in the house before finally deciding she would put up Austin as the renom. Austin actually agreed to this, pretty much, believing that Steve was a solid lock to be evicted. However, he’s not a total idiot and he knows that him being in a showmance with Liz makes him very dangerous. Steve, however, is not that big of a threat in comparison.

This is where things really get interesting as the Houseguests scramble to figure out where the vote is going to end up and if it will be Steve or Austin going off to Jury house next!

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