Celebrity Big Brother 3 Episode 7 Recap: HOH & Nominations

In the last episode of Celebrity Big Brother 3, Chris Kirkpatrick was evicted by a unanimous eviction by his fellow houseguests. Meisha Tate was the Head of Household for his eviction, but Chris was not her number one target.

Meisha originally set out to evict her rival Carson Kressley, and she has nominated him and his closest ally, Cynthia Bailey to the block. Shanna Moakley won her second golden Power of Veto and took Carson off the block. Meisha replaced his nomination with Chris Kirkpatrick, and the rest is Celebrity Big Brother history. Tonight, the houseguests will fight it out for power with a new Head of Household competition.

Round Four Head of Household Competition

This HOH competition is called Angry Glam Squad. The houseguests must hang on as long as they can to their director’s chairs while their glamour squads throw everything they can at them. This is the traditional endurance wall with a glamour twist.

After 21 minutes, Lamar Odom was the first to fall from the wall. Cynthia is right behind Lamar. Todd Bridges is the third to go down.

Shanna, Carson, and Todrick are the only three left in the endurance wall competition. Shanna falls and leaves Todrick and Carson to battle it out for this rounds’ power in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Carson and Todrick represent two different sides of the Big Brother house. This competition has come down to a nail-biter between these two celebs. The winner will dictate the next block nominees and power in the house.

In an attempt to make a deal, Todrick asked Carson to promise not to put him on the block or plan a back door. Carson agreed immediately, and Todrick dropped down. Caron is the new HOH of Celebrity Big Brother 3.

Head of Household Aftermath

Meisha knows that her game is in serious trouble. The new HOH, Carson, is looking for revenge after Meisha has been trying to get him out of the game for weeks.

Todrick told Meisha he had to make a deal with Carson immediately because he was so close to falling off the wall. He didn’t feel like Carson would have made a deal to save Meisha and himself. Now, everyone knows Meisha’s Big Brother game is in serious trouble. She didn’t even join the rest of the house to enjoy the unveiling of Carson’s HOH room.

Carson approached Todrick and tried to convince him to rejoin their original alliance called the Formation with Carson, Todrick, Shanna, and Cynthia. Carson asked Todrick to keep nominations the same if he won the Power of Veto.

Todrick went back to Meisha with all the info. Todrick and Meisha decided to out Shanna and let them know she was playing both sides of the Big Brother house. Todrick wants to take the spotlight off him and Meisha and put it on Shanna.

Todrick went to Cynthia and spilled the beans on Shanna and added some juice to his story. While he was telling his story, Meisha and then Carson walked in the room and it all came out. Meisha was pushing Carson to backdoor Shanna this week.

Shanna swore to Carson and Cynthia her loyalty, and a huge fight ensued between the three of them. This spilled over to the entire house arguing about Shanna and her loyalty.

Block Nomination Ceremony

After what seemed like a simple ceremony, Carson had a tough decision to make. In the end, Carson nominated Meisha and Todd to the block for eviction this week. He explained that they are both threats in the game.

Carson is not sure if he will target Shanna with a back door this week or not, but he has that option available.

Join us again on Monday, February 14 for the Power of Veto results and the live eviction.

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