Celebrity Big Brother 3 Episode 9 Recap: Surprise Veto Ceremony

Things inside the Celebrity Big Brother 3 house have certainly heated up as of late. Carson Kressley won the endurance wall Head of Household competition by making a last-minute deal with Todrick Hall who represented the “other” side of the house. At the block nominations ceremony, Carson put Meisha Tate and Todd Bridges up for eviction.

Carson had planned all along to target Meisha after she had unsuccessfully targeted Carson for eviction during both of her reigns of power. Then Todrick and Meisha devised a plan to throw Carson’s ally, Shanna Moakley, under the bus and convince Carson she needed to go. Did Carson fall for the ploy or did he see through their lies? Let’s find out during tonight’s Power of Veto competition and live eviction.

Block Nomination Ceremony Aftermath

Todrick devised a devious plan to save his ride-or-die, Meisha, from a certain eviction by current HOH Carson. Meisha and Todrick told Carson and his BFF Cynthia Bailey that Shanna had been playing both sides of the Big Brother house. Chaos inside the house ensued.

Although Carson did not nominate Shanna to the block, he does intend on backdooring her after the POV competition. When confronted by Carson and Cynthia about the story told by Meisha and Todd, Shanna defended herself fiercely. Her words seemed to fall on deaf ears.

Carson thinks his gut is directing him in the right direction thinking that Shanna is playing both sides. The truth is… Shanna saved Carson from the block in the very last round at the POV ceremony. Shanna may have been using both sides to her advantage, but she definitely had more loyalty to Carson and Cynthia.

Carson approached Meisha and asked her to make a deal for his and Cynthia’s safety in the next round. He offered Meisha safety this week under his HOH if she will promise his and Cynthia’s safety in the next round. Meisha agreed, and Carson was thrilled to share the big news with Cynthia who was also thrilled.

Round Four Power of Veto Competition & Ceremony

Todrick, Cynthia, and Lamar Odom will compete in the POV with Carson, Meisha, and Todd. This competition is called Sweeter Than Veto. The houseguests must carry one giant puzzle at a time down their lane to complete a giant chocolate box puzzle. The first to complete their puzzle wins the golden power of veto.

After only a short amount of time, Todrick won the POV. At the POV ceremony, Todrick decided to use the veto, and Todrick surprisingly saved Todd over Meisha. Carson nominated Shanna, as expected, as the replacement nominee.

Round Four Live Eviction Vote

Either Meisha or Shanna will be leaving the Celebrity Big Brother 3 house tonight. The houseguests voted as follows:

Todd voted to evict Shanna
Cynthia voted to evict Shanna
Lamar voted to evict Shanna
Todrick voted to evict Shanna

By a unanimous vote of 4 to 0, Shanna was evicted from the Big Brother house. During her eviction interview with Julie Chen Moonves, Shanna said she knew she was going to be evicted tonight. She also shared that her mind was blown by Todrick and Meisha’s actions of throwing her under the bus. Shanna was shocked that Carson didn’t believe her loyalty even though she saved him in the previous round.

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