Big Brother 19 Recap: The Showdown of Paul Versus “Jody” 8/2/2017

Paul Abrahamian and Cody Nickson have been after each other since the first day together inside the Big Brother 19 house.  Here we are five weeks later, and the tension and animosity between the two alpha males has only grown stronger and stronger.  On last night’s episode, the pressure between Paul and Cody reaches an all-time high and tempers get out of control.  Which houseguest was able to wrangle their emotions and which houseguest let their attitude get the best of them?

Big Brother 19 Tempers

After Paul called Jessica Graf’s bluff and nominated Cody and Jessica to the block for eviction, tempers immediately started to get out of control.  Paul invited Jody (Cody and Jessica) to the Head of Household (HOH) room for a Big Brother conversation.  Jessica informed Paul that nominating her and Cody to the block was the worse thing he could have done for his game.  His defense was that he only put them up on the block to flush out the temptation, and he claimed to know they were safe for the week. This is where things started to elevate, and Paul asked Jessica to lower her voice…wrong move with Cody there.  Cody chimed in with his two cents and that’s when things got heated.

Within just a few seconds, Cody was taunting Paul with questions about his knowledge of the Big Brother game.  Cody insisted that Paul was just in this for the spotlight.  Cody even went as far as to tell Paul that he was nothing but a character in a show.  Luckily Jessica was present to try and bring Cody back down to reality as she had watched his temper escalate beyond a comfortable point.

Once Jessica pulled Cody into a room alone, she told him that she would not go down this same road with him again.  Jessica lectured Cody about exploding on Paul over such an inconsequential matter of being asked to lower her voice.  Jessica reminded Cody that Big Brother was a game at the end of the day.  She just doesn’t want to go through with this again with Cody, especially out in the real world.  Jessica made that very clear to him. Cody said , while left alone, that situations like this is why he is single.

Big Brother 19 Jessica Graf

After those tempers were under control, Josh Martinez got out of control  with Mark Jansen in the kitchen.  When Josh was complaining about Cody, Mark took offense and told Josh to shut up.  Before long, Josh grabbed the infamous pots and pans; he started banging them to taunt Mark.  Mark  grabbed the pots while Kevin Schlehuber jumped in-between the two houseguests.  Production can also be heard telling the houseguests to separate to opposite sides of the Big Brother house.  Luckily, that commotion settled as quickly as it began.

Big Brother 19 Pots and Pans

Paul approached Jessica and questioned why she was so freaked out about being nominated to the block.  Jessica explained that she didn’t want to use the Halting Hex.  Paul swore to Jessica that he did not nominate Jody to send them home, but to flush out the hex and nominate two other people for eviction this week (Paul, that is such a lie!).  Paul started to plant in Jessica’s mind that Cody was not good for her Big Brother game, in the hopes of her not using the hex to save him this week.  Paul also got the rest of the houseguests on board to do the same thing…convince Jessica that Cody needs to go home.

Time for this week’s Power of Veto (POV) competition.  At the selection ceremony, Paul picked two random players to compete with himself, Jason Dent, Jessica and Cody.  Paul chose Kevin and Raven Walton.  The POV comp will be the infamous Big Brother Storm Watch. This competition required  houseguests to audition for the BB weather team.  All of the houseguests had been given the opportunity to study for this competition over the last 24 hours with BB Storm Updates.

Big Brother BB Storm Watch

The reporter with the best recollection of the BB Storm information would win the golden POV.  After enduring pounding rain and hurricane winds, Paul won POV again.  This makes this Paul’s third HOH and POV won during the same week (considering BB18 and BB19).  This is a Big Brother record for the most HOH and POV wins in the same week.  Congrats to Paul.

Big Brother 19 Paul Abrahamian

As a last ditch effort to sway Jessica from using the Halting Hex to save Cody, Paul told her some incriminating information about Cody.

On day 13, Cody told Matt that in order to win the game, they would need someone to evict Raven and Jessica as they could not do that themselves.  Jessica came back to Paul with an offer not to use the hex.  She asked for safety for the next two weeks including no nominations to the block, and for the next HOH winner to evict Alex Ow from the Big Brother house.  Paul said he would consider her request.

Will Jessica, Cody’s showmance partner, use the Halting Hex this week and stop the live eviction thus saving them both from leaving the Big Brother house?  Or will Jessica blindside Cody and let him be evicted tonight?  Stay tuned.

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