Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Spoilers Day 97: A Worried Mind

Holly Allen and Nicole Anthony continued to grow their bond, while Jackson Michie spent a majority of this day worrying about life after Big Brother 21. He didn’t think it would be a pretty picture. Apparently, the way Jackson’s family looked in his video from home made him concerned that they weren’t proud of him. Holly and Nicole’s newfound closeness also made Jackson feel a little excluded, and he worried that Holly’s bond with Nicole was making her consider cutting him at the final three.

Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Recap Day 97-1

He was itching to win this last Head of Household competition and take control of his own fate. He wanted to win and bring Holly along to final two. Holly reassured Jackson that she had no intentions of taking Nicole over him to the finals. She also mentioned that she had felt the same isolation before when Nicole and him were bonding. Jackson said he understands, and he knows that Nicole has felt that too because of them, but he couldn’t help being stressed about the finals and life outside of Big Brother game.

Nicole returned the favor by making Holly and Jackson breakfast in bed, like Holly did for Jackson and her the day before. Instead of putting a lot of effort into a nice breakfast, Nicole brought them bowls of Lucky Charm cereal. During the late hours of the previous night, Jackson confessed that he completely fabricated the lie about Tommy Bracco coming to him with a deal. Nicole said she could tell by the way he was lying. Jackson said that it was never his intentions to get Cliff Hogg III and her to believe the lie, but he wanted to create doubt in their minds about Tommy. Nicole said that it worked because Tommy avoided her and didn’t really try to defend himself.

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Jackson and Holly discussed Holly’s arguments to the jury and how she would approach certain tough questions, like why she stood by as Jackson lied on Tommy? She hadn’t really planned answers for those questions. Jackson also warned Holly that he wouldn’t throw her under the bus, but he wouldn’t sit back and let her win. He wanted to win the game and would stop at nothing to make it happen.

The houseguests also had their usual memory lane sessions and discussions of the evicted houseguests, especially the jury members. They were convinced that Nick Maccarone and Kathryn Dunn still hated each other. They are in for a major surprise on Big Brother 21 finale night.

Holly and Nicole finished some tie-dye projects and they had a fashion show to pick which dresses to wear on finale night. At the end of the night, the final three played various card games and Nicole gave her pitch to Jackson to take her to the finals instead of Holly.

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