Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Spoilers Day 96: Game Regrets

We’re in the end of days now, so not much left to expect on Big Brother 21. If you’ve reached this day, congratulations. You have made it so much further than many. If don’t, we’ll see you (maybe) for Big Brother 22. The final three players mainly used the day to rest, relax, and reflect, basically a rinse and repeat of the last five or so days, give or take.

Big Brother 21 Spoilers Live Feeds Recap Day 96-1

Holly Allen wanted to do something nice for her fellow remaining houseguests, so she made and brought them breakfast in bed. The breakfast time allowed the final three to discuss and worry about life outside the Big Brother 21 game.

Nicole Anthony worried how people would take her decision to vote out Tommy Bracco over Holly. Holly said she had the same worry, and thought that maybe she become a villain because of it. Jackson Michie also mentioned how he thought things weren’t going to be pretty for him once he got outside the house. Nicole mentioned she worried the same, that she would have to defend them to fans and people who watched the episodes.

Most of the day was just filled with hanging out and general chit-chat. At one point, while doing her laundry, Nicole addressed the camera. She asked how did she get here with a showmance? Then she answered saying she knows, she made the boneheaded decision to evict Tommy over Holly. She said she wouldn’t be mad or feel sorry for herself, because whatever was supposed to happen would happen.

She also said that this was just a game, and in real life, she wouldn’t throw a fit over a game, so she’s not going to do so now. Nicole said of course she was upset because she’s been here so long, but it was still a game, and that Holly and Jackson were wonderful people who deserved to win. She said she would be grateful if they brought her along but she was a realist and didn’t see that happen. She said she would be fine either way, and there were more important things than Big Brother. Nicole said she found herself in this house and couldn’t wait to get back to her outside the game.

There was more talk about overall games, life inside and outside house, and Nicole made her pitch to Holly why she should take her instead of Jackson. Holly said that she was torn about it because she worried people would see her as riding Jackson’s coattails if she takes him. She saw Nicole and her game as being more similar. However, Holly and Jackson had also discussed how if they burned each other, it wouldn’t look good for either of them.

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