Another week in the Big Brother 18 house, another week of R rated action! This time it wasn’t Nicole Franzel and Corey Brooks getting busy under the covers, it was Paulie Calafiore and Zakiyah Everette taking things to the next level!


Since Paulie and Zakiyah have shown interest in each other, fans galore have jumped on the Zaulie ship. Many of the shows fans are rooting for Paulie and Zakiyah’s relationship since it’s taken fruition. Just on Twitter alone, it’s not hard to find a rabid Zaulie fan making the case of why Paulie and Zakiyah are the BEST BIG BROTHER SHOWMANCE OF ALL TIME!

Well, some Zaulie fans may have changed their tune. This week, Paulie and Zakiyah were in the bumper cars one morning when they decided to got HOT! Social media was buzzing as people speculated on exactly what went down in that Have-Not Room.

During their heated intimacy, Paulie used the blanket as a shield to cover the two of them. For the viewers, the camera seemed to show Zakiyah looking pleased and making “O” faces as Paulie did, well, whatever he was doing under the covers. Some viewers believe that the two actually fully got it on, while other viewers think it was just a little handsy foreplay action. Either way, some sort of something went down and some fans were outraged!

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Look, Paulie and Zakiyah aren’t perfect, both have their character flaws which add more fuel to their fights. A few nights ago, Zakiyah became jealous when she found out that Paulie had shared a bed without her and instead slept with Paul in the HOH room! Fuming over the ordeal, Zakiyah sat down in the kitchen sipping water while Nicole hunted through the fridge for a snack to eat. After noticing Zakiyah tense, she questioned her on her mood.

Nicole: Are you okay?

Zakiyah: No, I’m mad…

Nicole: Why are you mad?

Zakiyah: Cause I’m f***ed over.

Nicole: Huh?

Zakiyah: He always f*** me over.


Eventually, feeling defeated, Zakiyah was left to sleep downstairs with Michelle, still bitter over the betrayal. Some Zakiyah fans believe that Paulie is just simply using her and does not have any real genuine feelings for her. Many see Paulie not taking her feeling into consideration and think that Zakiyah could easily find a better guy for herself.

Other fans simply think that Zakiyah is just overly insecure and sensitive. This is not the first time that Zakiyah has shown her green-eyed monster. In the past, any time Paulie has shown slight attention to another girl, Zakiyah has at times shut down and gone into pouting mode. Paulie has expressed his vexation towards her, on numerous occasions about her sometimes, childish behaviors.

Zakiyah has said that she thinks her and Paulie’s relationship is more physical than anything else. She has complained that she wishes they could have better communication. Both Nicorey (Nicole & Corey) and Jatalie (James and Natalie) have better understanding and communication between them.

At the end of the day, the two always end up making up and then arguing over stupid petty things. It’ll be interesting to see whether or not one of them destroys the other’s games because of their antics.


On a happier note, things are still going strong between Nicole and Corey. Nicole is still fawning over her showmance partner in action as the two continue their days within the Big Brother house.

A few days ago, the house had grown quiet and Nicole, Corey, and Victor were bored. To have some fun, Nicole decided to play a role-playing game where she pretended to be a hairstylist and Corey pretended to be one of her customers. Corey decided to role-play as a high school student looking for a new hair-do for Prom. Nicole worked her hardest to make sure he was happy with the final results.


Nicole also worked on Victor and gave him a fabulous new hairstyle. Victor was very pleased with the final result and decided to showcase his new do to the live feeder audience. “What do you think guys?”


And last but not least, Natalie and Jams are still just as cute as ever. Recently, Natalie has come to believe that she’s gained a large sum of weight while spending time in the Big Brother house. Natalie proclaimed to James that gained fifteen pounds. James was quick to dismiss the idea, claiming that the most she may have gained was four pounds. Natalie denied his theory, saying that all her clothes are becoming tight and that she’s getting a midriff bulge. James has tried to tell Natalie that she still looks beautiful and healthy but she does not believe him.


Now, James and Natalie has begun to exercise twice a day to help shed the unwanted pounds. Natalie has begged James to work out with her, and make sure she stays on top of her workout regime to keep her fit. The two have jogged around the backyard and done weight lifting to alleviate this issue as well as bond.


So, which Showmance are you still loving? Which showmance are you totally over? Leave your comments below!


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