Zakiyah Everette may not be quite as big a superfan as fellow Big Brother 18 cast member Michelle Meyer, but she’s been watching the series since season three, and she obviously knows the game very well. From what we’ve seen in her interviews so far, she seems intelligent, observant, and a student of former Big Brother players and their strategies.

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Sometimes being educated on past seasons of Big Brother can actually prove to be an obstacle when fan knowledge doesn’t translate so well into actual strategy. However, we have a feeling Zakiyah knows plenty enough to be dangerous, and has the right attitude about how to use that knowledge to her advantage.

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One of the things we noticed immediately about Zakiyah while researching for her profile is that she has very little presence on the Internet under her CBS profile name about her life before Big Brother. This usually either means she goes by a different name usually in her day to day life (that we so far haven’t been able to ferret out), or she’s been smart enough to wipe as much of herself off the web as possible before going on the show. For example, fellow houseguest Jozea Flores actually goes by Jossie Flores more often than not in his former Big Brother life.

Or maybe she just has a life, and doesn’t spend much time online. It does happen. Rare for someone who ends up on a reality TV show, but not unheard of.

Zakiya graduated from UNC Charlotte in May of 2015 with a major in African studies, according to a UNC newsletter. The newsletter also says she was taking a job as a middle school teacher, but apparently she’s changed to teach preschool since then according to her CBS profile. She also appears to do a bit of makeup work as well, according to one reference we found on a photographer’s page on Facebook.

You can find what looks like possibly some of Zakiyah’s classwork presentations on such topics as “The History of HIV/AIDS in the African American Community,” “The Myth of Virginity and the Hymen,” and “Afro-Latin America-Racial Whitening” under her profile on Unfortunately the presentations and Zakiyah’s entire profile have now been removed from the website.

We also discovered some old tweets from Zakiyah’s former boyfriend of at least three years, fellow Charlotte, NC resident Christian Mihilek. He refers several times to some of Zakiya’s verified family members, so it’s pretty clear it is the Big Brother 18 contestant. It looks like they probably broke up back in 2013 or early 2014, however, since that’s the last time he posted about “the love of my life” Zikaya on Facebook or referenced any of her family members. Both Christian and Zakiyah now list themselves as single, so we guess that relationship is buried in the past for both.

Zakiyah Everette Boyfriend
Other than that, there just wasn’t much out there to find out about Zakiya’s life before Big Brother 18. There was an odd reference to her in a photo gallery of “Year of Da Female Rapper” on a very difficult to navigate website. Not sure, however, if this actually means she is a rapper, or just a fan of female rappers, although her former boyfriend appears like he might be part of that scene.



Zakiyah has wisely hidden her personal Facebook page by either making it entirely private or just deleting it. We know this because it was linked to from her Pinterest page, and her former boyfriend’s Facebook, and it’s now totally gone. She’s also apparently wiped some of her other social media accounts as well. Very smart. Except for that random Pinterest account where she has pinboards about her future travel bucket list, her future wedding, and, somewhat interestingly, “virginity,” “sexual purity,” and “Virginity as Power.” There’s definitely some kind of theme going there between that and her presentation on the topic.

Zakiyah Everette Pinterest

Future Big Brother houseguests take note: just go ahead and nuke your previous social media profiles entirely before you go on the show. Because if you don’t, someone will go back five years and find something horrible you said and then splash it all over the Internet. Right, cough cough, Corey Brooks?

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