Big Brother 18 Showmances Heating Up! 6/28/2016

It must be that time again, because after being trapped in the Big Brother 18 house for 13 days; romance has begun to blossom for the summer!

Zakiyah & Paulie get close on B18 (CBS)

Which couples might have a future as the next Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd? Or perhaps instead crash and burn after the show ends like McCrae Olson and Amanda Zuckerman? Only time will tell, but there is a whole lot of shomancing starting to heat up in the house already!

Before the Live Feeds were turned on, Natalie Negrotti and Victor Arroyo had a short-lived showmance between them that lasted a total of just one week. Viewers saw in the premiere episode that Victor had fancied Natalie after they first met, and  speculated on whether anything would happen between them. After all, Natalie had made it clear in her CBS Big Brother intro that she was a bit of a “chubby chaser” and preferred guys without abs.

Victor and Natalie have a date before the Live Feeds were turned on for viewers.

But when the Live Feeds finally turned on, viewers quickly found themselves watching a discussion where Natalie made it clear that she had regret for getting involved with Victor. While talking to Nicole, she divulged the fact that she wished she hadn’t shared a bed and cuddled with Victor from the start. Natalie repeated that she knew he wasn’t her type and always avoided hot guys.

From her conversation it was evident that Victor was the one to ultimately dump her and now she worries about how she is going to come across on TV. The two rarely interact together now without an awkward atmosphere around them.

Meanwhile, another couple has Big Brother Live Feeds viewers scratching their head on this unlikely pair starting to show affection for each other. After the Veto Ceremony, the houseguests decided to play spin the bottle. Bronte D’Aquisto and Paul Abrahamian were paired up to kiss, and both seemed hesitant at first, but eventually with goading from their fellow houseguests, Bronte and Paul shared a quick peck together.

Big Brother 18 Live Feeds 2
Paul & Bronte share a kiss in the kitchen (CBS)

For the first time, Live Feeders saw a much more shy and bashful Paul after his quick smooch with Bronte. Later that evening, Bronte and Paul sat around and trashed fellow houseguest such as Zakiyah, Paulie, and Tiffany. It seemed their love for mutual hatred on their fellow competitors bonded the two together. Live Feeds subscribers watched as Paul massaged Bronte’s upper thigh, and they held hands and cuddled together on the couch.

Big Brother 18 Live Feeds 3

Many Big Brother 18 fans have speculated that Bronte has no real interest in Paul, but may be using him for a strategic upside, whereas Paul might actually have some genuine feelings towards Bronte.

And finally, the last potential showmance to make it’s debut is between none other than Paulie and Zakiyah! In Zakiyah’s interview with Jeff Schroeder, she made no bones about wanting to find love in the Big Brother house and it looks like she may have found it.

Paulie and Zakiyah have cuddled together and slept in the same bed, causing Da’Vonne to grow paranoid over her ride or die partner. Now Da’Vonne has discussed the possibility of getting rid of Paulie next week in order to maintain Zakiyah’s focus in the game. Is Zakiyah actually really into Paulie enough that she’d risk her alliance? Or is she just playing her own deeper game cozying up to her new man?

Big Brother 18 Live Feeds 4
Paulie and Zakiyah cuddle in the HOH room

As for the rest of the houseguests, there is always the possibility more showmancing might happen. Nicole Franzel only just broke up with former showmance love Hayden Moss, but she’s been a bit flirty with fellow Big Brother 18 houseguest Corey Brooks. As for Corey, well, he seems to spend more time talking about how hot the other guys are than the girls, even Nicole. As far as we know he’s straight, though. But maybe he’s just more into bromances than romances in the BB18 house.

Oh and James, sorry man, but don’t think there is going to be any showmances for him again this season either.

It’ll be interesting to see if any of these showmances find stability or just end up fizzling out like so many before them. Only time will tell!


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