Some Big Brother fans are already calling new Houseguest Natalie Negrotti the ‘Victoria‘ of season 18. While we can’t deny the superficial resemblances, there might be more than meets the eye in this case. Natalie may not be a superfan, but she has watched a few seasons and isn’t totally clueless on how the game works. She says she is willing to lie, backstab and do “whatever it takes” to win (except sleep with someone!), and could end up being more of a player than it seems on the surface.

Natalie Negrotti Big Brother 18

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Natalie lived in Caracas, Venezuela until she was 7-years-old. Currently, she hails from Franklin Park, NJ according to her CBS Profile (although she says she lives in New York in one interview), and works as a non-profit event coordinator. Previously, she’s been a Miss New York USA Top 20 contestant, and a New York Jets NFL cheerleader. She says this gives her experience in “how to deal with large groups of women.” Which could be very useful in making friends in the house, especially if she bakes for them like she did as a ‘Sunshine Girl’ for the Jets.

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Based on her career so far, and her casting on Big Brother 18, it’s obvious that Natalie Negrotti has dreams of fame and fortune. Even way back in 2008, Natalie was already working to break into the entertainment industry in a contest to choose a “fashion and celebrity commentator” TV hostess gig. She also has a profile for acting/modeling at frequent Big Brother recruiting ground, although it looks like it hasn’t been updated in a very long time, and a few random modeling pics on this site.

Natalie is not just a pretty face, however, she’s also an athlete in top physical form, and has been since she was doing “dead hang pull-ups” to show off her muscles at South Brunswick High School in New Jersey. We’re thinking if she manages to make it that far, Natalie could be a strong competitor in endurance competitions.

Natalie Negrotti and Jennifer Zelaya of South Brunswick High School in New Jersey flex their muscles after maxing the female flexed arm hang. Sourcece: Cpl. Wil Acosta of the 1st Marine Corps District/Public Domain
Natalie Negrotti and Jennifer Zelaya of South Brunswick High School in New Jersey flex their muscles after maxing the female flexed arm hang.
Source: Cpl. Wil Acosta of the 1st Marine Corps District/Public Domain

Natalie said in an interview with that it doesn’t matter how many times she falls, she’ll just climb back onto her feet. “Throw me down, push me down, I’m still going to get up and keep pursuing my dreams.” So far this attitude has done well for her, and her tenacity could very well get her a long way on Big Brother 18. Part of the reason Natalie pushes so hard to get where she wants to be is because her dad was sick for most of her life, although he’s healthy now. His struggle to conquer his illness is a strong example for her to “keep pushing for my father because he overcame a sickness that not everyone is able to overcome.”

Natalie Negrotti Big Brother 18

Don’t let Natalie’s model good looks fool you. Those stereotypes about pageant girls and cheerleaders being more beauty than brain don’t apply here. This self-proclaimed ‘girly-girl’ is incredibly eloquent in two languages, and has years of experience as a writer and in public relations.

Anyone who thinks everything that comes out of Natalie’s mouth is likely to be shallow and unintelligent should just take a look at her LinkedIn profile. Or read some of her posts we found on this blog she played around with in while studying at Seton Hall University, where she earned a Bachelor of Science, Public Relations and Journalism and wrote for the student newspaper.

According to LinkedIn, Natalie also worked for her university TV station, Pirate TV, as an associate producer and anchor, and that’s no small thing as many entertainment careers seem to have been launched with experience from that organization. Funny enough, I discovered on LinkedIn that one of my former bosses has actually worked with Natalie. Six degrees of separation and all that.

Speaking of six degrees of separation, we wonder if Natalie might have popped up on the Big Brother recruiting radar because she’s friends with former Houseguest Paola Shea?

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