Big Brother 18 Cast: Natalie Negrotti – The Beauty

Big Brother 18 cast member Natalie Negrotti, 26, is originally from Venezuela, South America and currently hails from New York City.  According to her CBS profile, she lives in Franklin Park, New Jersey, but this does not agree with her “Meet the Houseguests” interview.  For work, Natalie is an event coordinator for a non-profit organization.

Natalie Negrotti Big Brother 18

Natalie Negrotti of Big Brother 18. Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS

Natalie does not generally watch TV, but has watched a few seasons of Big Brother and is “hooked”.  Often, houseguests who are not familiar with the show (and the game) go home early since they don’t have the experience that other players have – more specifically when it comes to strategic play.  However, she thinks she has an advantage due to her circumstances stating that she won’t over-analyze things and can bring a fresh perspective to the game.

When thinking about her strategy, it becomes more clear that she hasn’t been a long-time fan.  First, she wants to create an all-girl alliance.  Further, she doesn’t want it to become catty or mean.  She believes if they don’t let people walk all over them, they will kick butt.  However, based on her CBS profile, she may be more in the know than we think.  She specifies a four-woman alliance and reveals that “women suck at this game”.  Later on, she mentions adding men to the alliance since she believes that every houseguest will want to be in an alliance with her.

When asked about holes in her strategy, Natalie indicated that she will be a target because she is “super girly, energetic and physically fit”.  While she believes she can win a lot of competitions, she plans on not winning the first one to come off looking weak.  After that, she intends to be “a powerful force not to be messed with”.  She plans to act kind and innocent, but repeatedly refers to herself as pretty or beautiful.  Let’s just hope she isn’t arrogant, because then her plan may not work.

There may be some entertainment surrounding Natalie since she is “single as a pringle” and is definitely open to a showmance.  There are several other single houseguests on this season of Big Brother.

Natalie stated that she does “care what people think”, but also understands that this is a game and “you have to lie and connive” in order to win.  Although she struggled with her answer, she would rather win and be hated by America rather than lose and be loved by America.  She will do whatever it takes to win, BUT she won’t sleep with anyone.

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