Big Brother 12 Houseguest Profile: Kristen Bitting

Big Brother 12 Houseguest Profile: Kristen Bitting

Kristen Bitting is a 24-year-old Boutique Manager from Philadelphia, PA. She describes herself as “strong-minded, motivated and kind-hearted.” Her favorite activities include “going to the gym, meditating, shopping, listening to music, learning new things and living on the edge.”

The hardest thing for Kristen about living in the Big Brother house is “having new people understand me, as I am very misunderstood by strangers.”

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More Tidbits About Kristen Bitting

Kristen’s favorite cast member from Big Brother seasons past was Braden from BB11. She apparently thought he was quite a treat to look at. She has one of our favorite mottos for the season: “Grab life by the balls.”

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Kristen Bitting appears to have done a decent amount of modeling in her past. She is listed as a model on on several photographer’s pages (including this one), but her model profile has been removed.

A Facebook profile that looks like it may have belonged to her has also been deleted. More modeling photos appearing to belong to Kristen can be seen here and here. We also found a rather amusing YouTube video that seems to feature Kristen as a thong-wearing butterfly. has a profile piece on Kristen from March of 2010. The profile lists college graduate Kristen as a “proud City Fitness member for over 2 years” and says she is an “active and single Bucks County native.” Her fitness routine includes 80% cardio and 20% weights/other. She also enjoys yoga.

Her favorite iPod music includes Prodigy, Rage Against the Machine, Thievery Corporation, Billy Idol and Busta Rhymes. Her favorite junk food? Cheesecake. She also loves to indulge in frequent massages.

Kristen also has a profile on showing off her VERY toned body in a variety of photographs. It also lists her physical attributes as:

Chest: 34 (inches) 
Waist: 25 (inches) 
Hips: 33 (inches)
Height: 68 (inches)
Weight: 115 (lbs)

Our Thoughts on Kristen:

We found it interesting that Kristen was just listed as a ’boutique owner’ and not a model as well since she’d obviously been working as a model pretty recently. We guess it might be because contestant Monet Stunson was being touted as the ‘model’ among the Houseguests.

We highly expected Kristen to hook up with someone in the house and we were kind of hoping she would be locking lips with bisexual bartender Annie. Of all the girls in the house that might go girl-on-girl with Annie, we thought Kristen or Monet might be the ones. The two models, of course! Sigh, Annie and Monet were gone early on and Kristen ended up shagging Hayden. Too bad. Their “showmance” was really rather boring.

[Video source:]

Kristen is athletic, but never did as well in challenges as we expected her too. She really never seemed to try very hard at them. We were right about her being the secretive type and playing things close to that well-endowed chest of hers. She was kind of a wild card in the house. She aligned with Hayden on everything until she was booted out and Hayden was doing the Brigade’s bidding. We could have seen Kristen dropping Hayden like a hot rock though at any time. Especially if it was for her benefit in some way.

Chances of Winning:

We gave Kristen a rather low possibility of winning from the start. For us, she was boring as a contestant other than being good eye candy. Because she was easy on the eyes, we thought she’d be around for a little while. But we weren’t shocked to see her go when she did. Other than Hayden, she didn’t have much in the way of friends in the house. She had virtually no power, seemingly no big plan and Brendon and Rachel wanted her out big time – and they finally got their wish!

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