Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Week 12 Monday Live Feeds Report

Unfortunately we have to tell you there was very little to report from the Big Brother 15 Live Feeds on Monday. With only three players remaining in the house, there is only so much game talk one can do. GinaMarie Zimmerman, Spencer Clawson and Andy Herren all get along relatively well, so there isn’t any tension or drama between them to exploit either. So, we’re doubting any sudden catfights will be erupting before the Big Brother 15 finale on Wednesday. And somehow we don’t think there is going to be a sudden blossoming of a Spencer/Andy/GinaMarie love triangle going on.

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Andy and GinaMarie have both promised Spencer they will take him to the final two if they win the last round of the last Head of Household Competition. They have also both promised each other the same thing. Other than rehashing those conversations over and over, the final three just sat around (or laid around) doing a whole lot of nothing and talking about, well, a whole lot of more nothing.

All in all, it was a very boring day inside the house with no real Big Brother spoilers about the upcoming BB15 finale. We expect very little of interest will happen on Tuesday either but we’ll faithfully report all the latest from the Big Brother Live Feeds for you right up until the finale anyway.

10:30 AM BBT: Production tries to get the final three out of bed. They don’t feel like responding. Production starts calling people to the Diary Room after a while. They go… and then go back to bed.

3:30 PM BBT: Yes, half the day is gone and only now are the HouseGuests actually really up and moving about. We told you it was a boring day.

4:00 PM BBT: GinaMarie is smack talking about Aaryn and McCrae for trying to throw competitions for Amanda (which is even worse because they failed). GM says Amanda was a crazy b*tch. Spencer says he was worried about the amount of Adderall both Amanda and Aaryn were taking. He thinks Kaitlin also has the potential to be nuts, like “cut your d*ck off crazy.” They start talking about who on the Memory Wall could “f**k your brains out.”

4:30 PM BBT: Spencer says the best fight in the house was when Candice called him out and “took him to Candyland” in front of everyone. They randomly chat about previous HouseGuests and other crap.

Big Brother 15 Week 12 Monday Highlights (10)4:55 PM BBT: The Exterminators are going to write their names on the bathroom door tomorrow before the finale to make their mark. Andy talks about how the finale will work. He says that him and GinaMarie will compete in the final Head of Household. The winner will decide who to take to the final two. Then they will sit down and answer questions from the Jury members. Andy says they have already decided who they are going to vote for anyway so the questions don’t really matter. He says if anyone asks him something b*tchy, he is just going to tell them to sit down. GM tells Andy that Spencer hasn’t talked to him about taking him to the final two (she’s lying). Andy says he hasn’t asked him about it since yesterday (he’s lying). Spencer comes out and joins them and they bash Amanda and McCrae about them having sex on camera and it now being all over the Internet.

5:50 PM BBT: Spencer tells Andy he isn’t sure if he is going to take him to the final two or not. Andy says he doesn’t want to tell both of them that he is 100 percent certain he is going to take them to the final two. Spencer says he knows Andy is worried about Spencer if the Jury is bitter but GinaMarie could win against Andy. GM comes in and joins them. They ask production for games to play. Spencer jokes that he could use some cocaine actually or a blow job from Elisabeth Shue.

Big Brother 15 Week 12 Monday Highlights (12)6:30 PM BBT: The storage room is closed off briefly and the HouseGuests hope they are getting liquor or games. Turns out it’s just a chocolate milk delivery. Andy says that’s a bunch of bullsh*t. They talk about gay stuff. Literally, gay stuff. Andy says everyone else in the house had hookup potential but him. GM actually says he might have potential with Nick. (At least she’s self-aware that Nick might swing that way.) Spencer and GM say if they were gay dudes, they would totally hook up with Andy. Then GM talks about how she hasn’t had feelings for anyone like she did for Nick for seven years.

7:40 PM BBT: Spencer screws around with the googly eyes from the Veto Challenge props again. GM is afraid she ate a bug in her salad and wants to go throw up. That’s about the most exciting thing happening. They all trash talk previous HouseGuests and speculate about who will win America’s Favorite. (It won’t be any of YOU.)

8:35 PM BBT: GinaMarie and Andy chat alone. Andy says no matter what, one of them is going to walk away with the 500k. GM says Spencer thinks they will both take him to the final two. GM says she even told the Diary Room she was going to take Andy. Andy tells GM he is definitely taking her too. GM says she shook Andy’s hand and he has her word and she hasn’t broken her word in the whole game. Andy says he’d rather she walk away with the money than Spencer. GM says she deserves it more than him. He tells her that Spencer asked him about final two and he said he wouldn’t commit to anything even though he had already committed to her.

Big Brother 15 Week 12 Monday Highlights (16)8:50 PM BBT: The final three eat dinner and talk about the most a**hole things the other HouseGuests did. They talk about Jeremy stealing wine, Candice’s eviction night speech, Jessie getting pissed off about the BBQ picnic, Aaryn calling Nick gay and flipping Candice’s mattress. Judd’s PoV speech and lying to get Kaitlin evicted.

9:40 PM BBT: GinaMarie wears a helmet while she works out on the elliptical so she doesn’t injure herself. Considering how banged up she is this season already, that’s probably a good idea. Andy talks about how he likes “Grinder” (an app for hooking up with people) but doesn’t like all the d*ck pics he gets. They talk about movies for a while.

10:50 PM BBT: The final three play cards. Yawn.

11:05 PM BBT: Andy tells GM that he thinks Spencer is starting to get that he plans on taking her to the end if he wins final HoH. GM hasn’t noticed. They reconfirm, again, their final two deal.

11:40 PM BBT: Spencer is campaigning Andy again about taking him to the final two. He says GM has played a very honest game and the Jury will vote for her. Spencer says he’s just a huge floater to the Jury and they won’t vote for him. Spencer says GM has a lot of personal connections in the Jury house. (Everything he’s saying, we agree.)

Big Brother 15 Week 12 Monday Highlights (1)12:00 AM BBT: Spencer and GM talk about winning 500k. GM counts her Jury votes against Andy. She thinks she might have Aaryn, she doesn’t know about Judd (she would have Judd we think), she isn’t sure about Elissa, Jessie or Amanda. She thinks Helen would vote for Andy and so would Candice. Spencer says McCrae would vote for Andy as well but Amanda was pretty mad at him when she was evicted. GM says she thinks her only solid vote is Aaryn. Spencer says he knows that GM swore on Nick that she would take him to the final two and he knows she doesn’t break her word. (She’s given her solid word to both Andy and Spencer but we think she only ‘swore on Nick’ with Spencer.)

Andy comes out of the Diary Room and production announces they are “one day closer to 500k!” They all scream and yell. Production comes back over the speaker and says “Houseguests, remember to enjoy yourself today… these are the good old days.” There is some more random chatting and junk but nothing exciting. Finally everyone goes to bed.

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