More Big Brother Alumni Coming to MTV—Find Out Who and Where

In 2017, Big Brother fans were surprised to learn that some of their favorites would appear on The Challenge. Since then, former Big Brother players have appeared on Ex On the Beach, more seasons of The Challenge, and Fear Factor. Possibly joining the MTV family is now becoming part of the Big Brother experience.

Big Brother Houseguests on MTV

It’s like the new “who will be on the Bold and the Beautiful?” MTV’s rooster of Big Brother personalities seems to grow by the minute. And this season of MTV shows will have a ton of them. Everyone’s most trusted and favorite Challenge resource (Vevmo) spilled some rumored casting secrets.

The second season of Ex On the Beach will have four former Big Brother and Big Brother Over the Top housemates. Big Brother Over the Top winner Morgan Willett will appear, and her former housemate Monte Massongill will appear as her “ex.” Survivor’s Jay Starret will also appear as her “ex.” MTV has a broad definition of exes, so it might mean Morgan dated Jay and Monte for a few months or just hooked up once.

Morgan had a boyfriend during Big Brother Over the Top so Monte and her kept their friendship platonic. It’ll be interesting to find out the story behind “their romance.” Along with Monte and Morgan, Big Brother 18’s Corey Brooks and Jozea Flores will be on this season of Ex on the Beach.

Big Brother Houseguests on Ex on the Beach

Both men are part of the original singles crew, but they will have exes appear at some point in the season. According to Vevmo, Ex On the Beach season 2 has already finished filming. It will likely start airing within the next few months or early winter.

MTV is brining their international series Just Tattoo of Us to the USA; it premiered on Oct 11, 2018. The premise of the series is that friends, couples, enemies, roommates, etc. let each other put tattoos on one another. They’ll be blindfolded as it happens, so they can end up with a great tattoo or a terrible one. On one of the trailers for it, it’s clear that Big Brother 18’s Paulie Calafiore and Challenge vet Cara Maria Sorbello appear on Just Tattoo of Us to give each other tattoos. If you haven’t been following the Big Brother world gossip, the two have been dating since they competed against each other on The Challenge: Final Reckoning.

Paulie Calafiore and Cara Maria on Just Tattoo of Us

Just Tattoo of Us airs every Thursday at 8:00pm CST.

Finally, there will be seven Big Brother alumni appearing on The Challenge. Paulie, Da’Vonne Rogers, and Natalie Negrotti will be making their returns. Liz Nolan, Julia Nolan, Morgan, and Josh Martinez will be making their debuts. This season has just began filming, so it likely won’t air until the end of winter or early spring.

Big Brother and The Challenge

Once again, Big Brother fans have a lot to look forward to with Big Brother alumni appearing on all these MTV shows, The Amazing Race, The Bold and the Beautiful, and Celebrity Big Brother. It’s a great year to be a Big Brother fan.

Additional reporting by Tamara Kennedy.

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