Big Brother 25 Week 4 Head of Household (08/24/23) Results

 Big Brother 25 Pressure CookerThis Big Brother 25 Head of Household Competition is one of the most anticipated ones of the season. Not exactly because of the potential results, but because of the competition that would play out this week. The Big Brother pressure cooker has returned. It was going to be an intense battle rarely seen in the game.

The twelve remaining houseguests  (minus the last HOH Felicia) will be standing in an area holding onto a button. Most of the competition would play out in the dark with various obstacles, like snakes and flies, coming into the game after each elimination. The last one to remove their hand from the button becomes the Head of Household. The last time this competition was played, it lasted for 14 hours.

This meant that we had no clue whether the competition would be five minutes or five days. The air was full of excitement for this competition. Hopes were very high. Whoever won it could become a Big Brother legend.



Big Brother 25 Pressure Cooker

The houseguests broke the Big Brother 6 record with this year’s Pressure Cooker.  After about 13 hours, the final three houseguests in the Head of Household Competition were Mecole, America, and Cameron. None of the houseguests wanted to drop out of the competition, so that led to a few more hours of competition.

As they got closer to breaking the record set by Big Brother 6, it came down to a Cameron versus America showdown. Four minutes short of breaking the record, America is eliminated.

Cameron is the new Head of Household!


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