Big Brother Spoilers: Derrick Tries His Own ‘Dan’s Funeral’ Move

Not many interesting Big Brother spoilers coming off the Live Feeds yesterday except for an interesting move Derrick attempted to pull to try to secure his place in the final two. Seems Derrick decided to take Nicole’s comments about his game play being like Dan Gheesling’s to heart by trying to stage his own ‘funeral’ moment.

Big Brother 2014 cast - Derrick (CBS)
Big Brother 2014 cast – Derrick (CBS)

Derrick is starting to get worried that the other guys, especially Frankie, might not take him to the final two if they have a choice. He wants to ensure that all of them truly believe they can win against him. There is one really big problem with that, however. The other guys know that the Jury members may hate them more than Derrick, and he has that whole wholesome ‘family man’ thing going for him.

So Derrick needs to convince the guys that he is the least threatening person to take to final two. On the Big Brother Live Feeds last night around 10:23 PM, Derrick talks to the cameras a bit about the next step he’s going to take to make this happen. He says he is going to have his own version of ‘Dan’s Funeral’ from season 16.

You can read all ‘Dan’s Funeral’ here, but here’s the short version. Dan was facing an almost certain eviction and turned it around by staging a mock funeral and pretending to suddenly hate and despise his closest ally in the, house, Danielle Murphree. (He didn’t warn her first, making the reaction too awesome.) This made it look like he would have one less vote in Jury on his side. He then went on to make an incredibly unlikely alliance with Frank Eudy, survive the eviction, and ended up in second place for the season.

Derrick’s idea of echoing ‘Dan’s Funeral’ is a weak, diluted version at best. Unlike Dan, Derrick tells his intended victim first by talking to Victoria about what he was going to do. This happens around 12:25 AM on Tuesday morning. He says he is going to tell the guys that he told Victoria he was keeping Cody because Cody had been loyal to him all summer. He tells Victoria that he would tell the guys that this made her really angry and upset.

The plan is that the guys will think that Victoria is now too mad at Derrick to vote for him when she goes to Jury. He also coachs her to talk to Frankie about how many of the other Jury members won’t want to vote for him either, like Hayden, Nicole, and Donny.

Around 1AM BBT, after talking to Victoria, Derrick goes and tells the guys everything he said he was going to. He acts all upset and pissed and says Victoria is blaming him for getting evicted this week. He plays it up like it’s a big deal and Victoria is really angry at him and he’s lost her support in the game.

The guys seem to take Derrick at his word… but they don’t seem that impressed by any of it. After Derrick leaves, Cody and Frankie talk about being somewhat surprised that Victoria would be mad at Derrick for keeping Cody over her. Overall, however, it doesn’t really seem to be creating the big effect Derrick was hoping for. Maybe they now have a bit of doubt that Victoria would vote for Derrick in Jury, but so far it doesn’t appear this will have that much influence on the guys when it comes time to pick a partner for final two.

Although it may turn out to be a good game move in the end, this was certainly nothing like the crazy awesome move Dan pulled with his spectacular ‘funeral’ in season 14. Derrick is playing a good, solid game, but we say the Dan Gheesling comparisons really should be shelved unless and until Derrick really pulls some kind of crazy, show-stopping, bold and risky move like Dan is famous for.


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