Julie Chen Slams Christine For Big Brother Relationship With Cody

Big Brother 2014 host Julie Chen isn’t afraid to say what she thinks about what the contestants do in the house. She’s never been heistant to slam people for nasty things they’ve said or done, including last season when she blasted Houseguest Aaryn Gries over allegedly racist comments. Now she’s set her sights on Big Brother 16 cast member Christine Brecht.

Big Brother 2014: Julie Chen & Christine Brecht (CBS)
Big Brother 2014: Julie Chen & Christine Brecht (CBS)

Christine was evicted last week on Big Brother 2014 and received a shocking amount of catcalls and boos from the audience as she exited the house. Very few competitors on the show have ever had that negative of a response from the live audience on their eviction.

During her interview with Christine after she left the Big Brother 16 house, host Julie Chen subtly hinted that perhaps Christine’s relationship with Cody in the house wasn’t totally above board. Christine, however, ignored the gentle prodding and claimed that it was all strategy and the two of them are just great friends.

In her own interview with Entertainment Weekly, Julie was much more blunt on why she thinks Christine provoked such a nasty response from the audience when she exited the Big Brother house.

“I think the boos were in part: no one likes to see a woman making a fool of her husband,” Julie said, referring to how much Christine and Cody had their hands all over each other in the house. “It doesn’t even matter that we don’t even know him.”

The other part of the boos, Julie said in the interview, were likely all about how Christine betrayed people and how she played the game. “… she double-crossed her ‘friend’ Nicole… who is decent, forthright, and trusting. And for what? For the sake of those men who betrayed her.”

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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