Who Won Big Brother Over the Top Last Night 12/01/2016?

Tonight either Kryssie Ridolfi, Morgan Willett, or Jason Roy took home the Big Brother Over the Top crown. It’s been a long road for all three players. Jason had to overcome the stigma of being a vet in the Big Brother house. Kryssie had to make sure she didn’t get evicted within the first few days. Morgan had to protect a major BBOTT secret.


Now, two of them will leave California with a lot of money. The first place finisher wins $250,000, and the second place one wins $25,000. Unfortunately, the third place finisher gets nothing but their stipend money.

Going into the Big Brother Over the Top finale, it seemed heavily in favor of a Jason win.  He had a huge fanbase supporting him. He also had past Big Brother players campaigning for his win. However, the Ball Smashers and their fans were trying to fight for a Morgan win.

Tonight, Julie Chen reunited all 13 houseguests to talk about the season, and honor the final three. By the end of the hour, one person walked away with a quarter of a million dollars. So who won Big Brother Over the Top?

Kryssie was the first HG notified that she had won third place of BBOTT.  Julie Chen shared with the viewers that the battle for the winner of Big Brother was a very close race between Jason and Morgan, actually only 20,000 votes separated the two in the end.  When all the votes were counted, Morgan Willett is the winner of Big Brother Over the Top.


Join us back here next June for all the summer fun of Big Brother 19.  See you all soon.

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