Big Brother 24 Week 5 Head of Household (HOH) (08/4/22)

The Big Brother 24 house is sort of divided, but, at the moment, it’s basically The Leftovers vs anyone not in the Leftovers. However, some of the more dominant members of that alliance have their hands in many different cookie jars outside of their group. Kyle Capener has his showmance partner Alyssa Snider, who will remain loyal to him. He’s also Festie Bestie with Daniel Durston, which gives Daniel a false sense of security with him. Then we have Monte Taylor and Joseph Abdin who have been working on building trust with Terrance Higgins, Jasmine Davis, and Indy Santos.

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Michael Bruner and Brittany Hoopes have also been working on developing relationships outside of the alliance, but they haven’t developed as strong of bonds as some of the other Leftovers. Ideally, The Leftovers need to win this Head of Household to ensure that all seven make it to the jury part of the game. However, Monte, Kyle, and Joseph have been working on their other relationships well enough so that they may be able to get the other side to target each other.

Also, as long as Michael and Brittany remain off the block, The Leftovers should have the votes to keep a Leftovers member over all the remaining houseguests, if the Festie Bestie twist continued. Daniel just lost his ride-or-die Nicole Layog, so he really wants and needs this Head of Household win.

So who won this week’s Big Brother 24 Head of Household Competition? Read below to find out.



Michael is the new Head of Household!

Michael has already talked about maybe swaying from the goal of getting out Alyssa this week. He’ll likely nominate Kyle and Daniel as initial nominees, with Jasmine and Turner going up as replacement nominee options (or the reverse order of this).


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