Big Brother 24 Live Feeds: The Horniness Wins; Kyle Breaks His No Showmance Rule

If you’ve been watching the Big Brother 24 Live Feeds, then you know that Kyle Capener has been trying to resist his growing attraction to Alyssa Snider. He wants to focus on the game. He doesn’t want a showmance. He wants to think strategically and not emotionally. He doesn’t want to play with anyone’s feelings by getting physical. These are all things that Kyle has said to other Big Brother 24 houseguests.

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During one of the Big Brother 24 episodes, he confessed that he’s trying not to give into Alyssa, but he’s horny. Well, it looks like his horniness has surpassed his game prowess: Kyle and Alyssa shared their first kiss on the Big Brother 24 Live Feeds. 

They didn’t just kiss once, but multiple times throughout the day. This basically makes them showmance official in the house. The first kiss happened around 10:24 PM BBT and then another kiss around 2:20 am BBT.

Click the images to get a closer look at Alyssa and Kyle’s kissing.

It seems that Kyle decided to finally “just kiss the girl” after Alyssa was almost sent home this week. The night prior, a Leftovers meeting happened without Kyle. In the meeting, they decided that Alyssa needed to go before Nicole Layog. It seems that Kyle being excluded from this decision made him feel like he was at the bottom of the Leftovers.

Alyssa was eventually saved because Daniel Durston wanted to try to send Taylor Hale out of the game, and Kyle did not fight too hard to stop him. It seems that Kyle now feels like he’s at the bottom of his true alliance, so he has no chance to win the game. He decided if he’s not winning Big Brother 24, then he should at least have some fun. 

He teased Alyssa earlier in the day about a possibility of a kiss, so it just seemed a matter of time. Kyle seems to have lost some of his game instincts. He made out with Alyssa with both Daniel and Indy Santos sleeping nearby. Kyle made a final two-deal with Matt Turner on this day as well.

This means he hasn’t completely given up, but he’s become a little more reckless by giving in to his feelings for Alyssa. We’ll have to wait and see if this hurts or helps his game. Joseph Abdin has been extremely against Kyle getting involved in a showmance. This means that Alyssa may move up on The Leftovers list of people who need to go.

If Alyssa or Kyle don’t win HOH next week, she could easily become a target before Daniel to keep Kyle’s head in the game and not in his pants. 

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