Big Brother 24 Episode 11 Recap: A Trippy Veto Opens The Backdoor

Monte Taylor is the latest Head of Household in the Big Brother 24 house, which is excellent news for the newly formed Leftovers alliance. They should maintain control in the house this week and eliminate the houseguest of their choosing.

Big Brother 24 POV

At the block nomination ceremony, Monte nominated Festie Besties Indy Santos and Alyssa Snider to the block this week. However, that is not his intended target. His ultimate plan is to evict Nicole Layog from the Big Brother 24 house. This evening, the Power of Veto competition will dictate whether or not that plan will come to fruition. Will Nicole be the backdoor target this week? Let’s find out now.

Week Four Block Nomination Aftermath

Monte and the Leftovers decided to target Indy and Alyssa this week because they are the only Festie Bestie remaining in the Big Brother 24 house that does not have a member of their alliance. He made it clear during his nomination speech that Neither Indy nor Alyssa was his target this week.

If the Leftovers plan to evict Nicole, Taylor Hale will have to return to the block again. She and Nicole are Festie Besties. Monte plans to tell the other side of the Big Brother 24 house that Taylor is the target, not Nicole.

Love Blossoms in the Big Brother 24 House

Kyle Capener and Alyssa have a brewing showmance in the works. Kyle swears he will not get wrapped up in a relationship while playing Big Brother, but he can’t see to control himself when it comes to Alyssa.

Big Brother 24 Showmance

Week Four Power of Veto Competition

Monte, Joseph Abdin, and Terrance Higgins as HOH and Festie Besties are automatically on the POV lineup. As block nominees, Indy and Alyssa are too. Monte randomly picked one more set of Festie Besties to compete: Daniel Durston and Kyle.

This POV is called Trippy Watch Party, and here is how it works. Played in pairs as Festie Besties, one bestie will eat a spoonful of Psychadelic Pslop and go on a trip of a lifetime. During their trip, they will remember all the details they can. Once they return, they will have limited time to share this information with their bestie.

The bestie that received the information will have to answer 5 rounds of questions using only the information given to them by their “tripping” bestie. The pair with the most points will both win the golden POV.

Big Brother 24 POV

After the questions about the trip had ended, Kyle and Daniel had the most points and won the POV competition. This is great news for the Leftovers because Kyle is a member, but their target for eviction, Nicole, is besties with Daniel. They will have to sell him hard on putting up Nicole and Taylor, but hopefully, it will help when he is told Taylor is the target.

Power of Veto Ceremony Plans

Kyle certainly wants to save Alyssa from the block, while Daniel wants to keep the nominations the same to keep Nicole off the block.

In thinking of the best way to protect their alliance, Monte thought of getting rid of Alyssa this week. Here’s why. Michael Bruner and Brittany Hoopes, members of the Leftovers, are the only two houseguests paired with another alliance member. That means that if they go on the block, one of them will definitely go home. They will lose a member of their alliance.

If they get rid of Alyssa and keep Indy this week, and she picked Michael and Brittany’s Festie Bestie to join, they would all have the protection in the game should one of the group end up on the block.

The alliance pitched this scenario to Kyle, and he did not take it very well. They tried to convince him that this was the best way to protect their alliance and all its members. He didn’t seem happy, but he wanted to help his alliance.

On the other side of the veto is Daniel. He also has the power to use the veto. Monte wants to convince him not to use the power of veto. They met in the HOH to discuss with Nicole.

Monte explained that he is less confident about where the votes lie to evict Taylor. Therefore, he would rather keep the nominations the same. Nicole is convinced she has the numbers to stay and wants Taylor gone this week. They want to use the veto and evict Taylor. They don’t know that the Leftovers have the controlling vote in the Big Brother 24 house.

Week Four Power of Veto Ceremony

Daniel spoke with his bestie Kyle and explained his conversation with Monte. Kyle loves the fact that Daniel wants to use the POV to save Alyssa and Indy because his showmance will be saved. Not to mention, Daniel will be helping the Leftovers backdoor his ride or die in the Big Brother house. Oh, Daniel!

Big Brother 24 POV

As expected, Daniel and Kyle chose to use the golden POV and took Alyssa and Indy off the block. In return, Monte nominated Nicole and Taylor to the block in their place. The Leftovers plan to backdoor/blindside Nicole. She is confident that she is staying in the Big Brother house.

Tune back in tomorrow evening, Thursday, August 4, at 9 PM EST for the live eviction.

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