The Challenge USA Spoilers: Episode 5 Eliminations

Last week was not good for Big Brother fans on The Challenge USA. Big Brother 23 winner and Cookout alliance member Xavier Prather was sent home. Worse, Xavier was selected by his fellow Cookout members, Kyland Young and Alyssa Lopez, to compete in the arena. Xavier and his partner Shan Smith (Survivor), lost the competition and were eliminated from the competition.

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This was pretty early in the game to start targeting your own show’s alumni. There is no question that Xavier won Big Brother 23 with a lot of blood on his hands. His pick to enter the arena last week proved enough that Alyssa and Kyland are still bitter toward the fellow Big Brother alumnus. Will another Big Brother alumnus go home this week? Let’s find out.

Week Five Main Challenge

This week’s main challenge is called Barreled Treasure, and here’s how it works. The pairs will jump off a barge into the water and swim 150 yards to a buoy. They must memorize the code on top of their buoy. Then, they must swim another 75 yards to a cargo ship to search for their code on 100 different barrels. Once they find their code, they will lift the lid on that barrel to find puzzle pieces. They must swim those puzzle pieces back to the barge and repeat the entire process again to collect the second set of puzzle pieces.

Once they return to the barge with both sets of puzzle pieces, they can begin to put their puzzle together. If the pair picks the wrong lid on the cargo ship, they must swim back to the barge to retrieve their code once again. The first couple to complete their puzzle will win.

Even after opening the wrong lid and having to make an extra trip between the ships, Tyson Apostol (Survivor) and Cashay Proudfoot (Love Island) won the challenge. This is Tyson’s third win in just 5 weeks of the competition. His performance is more than impressive so far.

The last couple to finish the challenge included another Big Brother alumnus. Azah Awasum of Big Brother and her partner Cinco Holland from Love Island came in last. They will be facing off against another pair in the arena. The loser will be eliminated.

After much discussion with other players and careful consideration, Tyson and Cashay decided to select Leo Temory (Amazing Race) and Sarah Lucina (Survivor) to face off in the arena. They will compete against Azah and Cinco.

Week 5 Arena Challenge

This week’s arena challenge is called A Dark Turn, and here’s how it works. The teams will be tied together. They will race across the field to enter a dark container. They will feel around to find a giant stack of film reels. There are 4 different sizes of reels. They must memorize the order of the stack of film reels and recreate it outside the container. The first team to finish will stay in the game.

After Leo came up with a brilliant way to shorten the time it took to memorize the order of the stacked film reels, he and his partner easily won the challenge. This means another Big Brother alumnus was eliminated from The Challenge USA.

Join us again next week to find out if your favorite alumni stay in the game.

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