Big Brother Spoilers: Who Was Evicted in Week 7? 8/13/2014

We weren’t surprised by who was evicted on Big Brother tonight in week 7. Unlike last week, the eviction results this time around were pretty much set in stone at the Power of Veto Meeting. Despite a passionate attempt to flip the vote, nothing was going to save the targeted eviction victim this week.

CBS Big Brother 16
CBS Big Brother 16

After Zach won the Power of Veto and saved himself from the block, The Detonators could have moved against Donny to get him out. Instead, however, the somewhat reconciled alliance that nearly tore itself to pieces last week decided to go after Nicole instead. After all, Frankie won the Battle of the Block all by himself, so they couldn’t go after him again, even if his whole big reveal about his famous sister and all his millions of YouTube followers was nearly insufferable.

With no Zach or Frankie as potential targets for their own alliance members who seem to hate them both, the guys (+Christine) turned their sights on Nicole. Why not go ahead and get her out, especially since Hayden might potentially rejoin the house in some kind of twist?

So when Zach came off the block, Christine betrayed her deal with Nicole and put her up as the replacement nominee. Of course, she told Nicole that if she didn’t put her up, all the guys would target her for the next eviction, whine, whine, it’s not my fault.

Nicole valiantly kept campaigning right up until the mornign of the eviction, but it was all for nothing. Even after she managed to somehow persuade Zach to do some campaigning on her behalf, they hit a brick wall named Cody and Derrick.

Big Brother 2014 Eviction Week 7 1

And thus, when the live vote came down, it was out with Nicole in a landslide vote and off to Jury she went to join Jocasta and Hayden.

Week 7 Big Brother 16 Eviction Results:

  • Caleb votes to evict: Nicole
  • Zach votes to evict: Nicole
  • Cody votes to evict: Nicole
  • Victoria votes to evict: Nicole
  • That’s all we need, Nicole is evicted.
  • Frankie votes to evict: Nicole
  • Derrick votes to evict: Nicole

Who was evicted on Big Brother tonight: Nicole by a vote of 6 to 1

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