Big Brother 2014 Spoilers: Week 7 Eviction Results & HoH Recap

Based on the Big Brother spoilers we’ve seen on the Live Feeds the past few days, we aren’t expecting any major surprises at the eviction tonight. Who was evicted on Big Brother tonight was pretty much a foregone conclusion as soon as the Veto Meeting wrapped on Monday.

Big Brother 2014 (CBS)
Big Brother 2014 (CBS)

Once we get past the far too predictable eviction this evening, that’s when the real action will heat up. We have the next big Head of Household Competition coming up and it is looking like a lot of fun. The Houseguests were up half the night on the Big Brother Live Feeds dealing with spooky ghosts trying to memorize Zombie Apocalypse clues. We can’t wait to see how it all plays out!

There is virtually no chance that Nicole will survive this evening’s eviction. Barring a crazy miracle, she will be the next one who got evicted on Big Brother tonight. She’ll head off to the Jury house to snuggle up with Hayden again. At least until he maybe gets to come back into the house later. We’ll have to wait and see.

The two Houseguests we think are most in danger this week if they don’t win and keep the Head of Household are Donny and Christine. Donny in particular is just about everyone’s next target. If he can’t nab the HoH and survive on top through the Battle of the Block, or win the Power of Veto again, we’re afraid he’s a goner. If he does manage to stay out of danger, then we think the next big target is likely Christine.

Unless the guys can get Derrick to flip on his buddy Victoria. Or Frankie or Zach piss everyone off again. Well, there you go, that’s Big Brother for you.

First up we have host Julie Chen telling us that just because you are HoH this season, it doesn’t mean you’re safe. That’s because, of course, we have the double HoH Competition this year and one of the two winners can end up getting dethroned. Which is exactly what happened to Nicole, who is now up on the block for eviction tonight.

Now we have Donny and Nicole up for eviction and it’s pretty much a guarantee that Nicole will be going home, regardless of her last minute attempts to turn the vote.

It’s day 56 inside the big Brother house and the tremors from last week’s stunning double eviction are still being felt. Lies and secret identities have been revealed and even though The Detonators are still together, they are hanging by a thread. Who will betray whom first? But first, Nicole finds herself on the block and she’s learned that friendship means nothing when a half million dollars is on the line.

Christine says that now she has put Nicole up on the block, she’s chosen sides. So now she just has to hope The Detonators will have her back.

Nicole confronts Christine about why she is on the block. Christine tells her that she was told about the plan to backdoor her if they couldn’t get out Frankie last week. Nicole is crying. Nicole says that she said she would not backdoor her.

Christine says Zach told her that if she didn’t put up Nicole they would know she was working with her and they would target her. Nicole says in Diary Room that she doesn’t believe Christine. She breaks down crying even harder and says she has done nothing wrong to cause this to happen.

Donny is in the Have-Not room with Zach and he has tears leaking from his eyes as he talks about being left out of the conversations in the house. Zach says in Diary Room that he doesn’t spend a lot of time with Donny but he is a great guy and he kind of feels bad for him. Donny doesn’t know what he’s brought in the house that scares people so much. Zach jokes that it’s the beard… “fear the beard!”

We have Nicole crying again, this time to Victoria. She disses Christine for how she is always touching and cuddling with Cody. She says if she was married, she would never act like that. Victoria says in Diary Room that the girls are falling one by one to the guys. If it continues, she and Christine should just pack their bags. She talks with Christine about votes. Nicole says she really wanted to see Zingbot.

Nicole talks to Christine again and she campaigns to get a vote. She says if Donny stays, he is against Christine 100 percent. She tells Christine that Donny would be after Cody and Christine. She says if she stays, she would have Christine’s back. In Diary Room, Christine says what Nicole says makes sense and that if she stayed, she really would trust her. (This is so not anything like Christine has been saying on the Live Feeds. CBS trying to make the eviction look questionable when it isn’t.)

Nicole tells Cody that she would never have put up Derrick or Christine. Cody says he is frustrated by how long Donny has stayed in the game. Cody says in Diary Room that there are rumors he is one of Donny’s targets and Donny has skated along and he’s scheming behind the scenes. Nicole says she would never keep someone she 100 percent knows is coming after her like Donny is coming after him.

Christine tells Derrick that Nicole says Donny is after her and Cody.  Cody says he is really in to sending Donny home. Derrick says that’s logical. Cody says he feels like Donny is going to come after all of them. Christine says that would be a nightmare. Derrick says that wouldn’t be shocking. In Diary Room, Derrick says of course he wants to keep Donny because he is part of Team America. (Actually, Derrick has schemed with Frankie on the Live Feeds to get Donny out and off Team America so they can more easily do missions.)

Now it’s time for Caleb, Frankie, and Christine to go on the NFL Dallas Cowboys training camp trip they won. Christine is just excited to actually speak to other human beings. The three of them get to pal around with the NFL team members after touring the locker room and playing with the mascot. They also get to meet owner Jerry Jones, which is like the coolest thing in the world to Caleb.

Back at the house, Caleb is crazy happy to tell everyone about the cool NFL players he hung out with.

Now it’s time for the live eviction of the night and Julie Chen’s questions. Julie asks Caleb who was his favorite person to meet on his trip. He says Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was his favorite. He also throws in there that he knows some NFL football players personally. Oh Caleb. He says it would have made his hair stand up but he doesn’t have any.

Julie asks Victoria what the most surprising thing this week was to her in the house. She says it surprised her how emotional she got with all the lies happening in the house.

To Zach, Julie asks how things stand now between him and Frankie. He says Frankie is a great person, he hates everyone in this house again, but he hates Frankie the least. So they had to make up, everything is great, and they are still best friends.

Frankie says he pulled deep and got it done to conquer the Battle of the Block by himself after Julie asks him how that experience was.

Time for the live vote and Nicole gives a shoutout to her parents with an early anniversary message and says she loves and misses both of them. She also loves and misses Jessie. She says this has been an amazing journey with them and she loves them all and she wishes them all the best of luck. Donny thanks God for the opportunity again and says I love you to his parents and his girlfriend. He says it has been great playing the game with everyone and he hopes to continue playing.

Week 7 Big Brother 16 Eviction Results:

  • Caleb votes to evict: Nicole
  • Zach votes to evict: Nicole
  • Cody votes to evict: Nicole
  • Victoria votes to evict: Nicole
  • That’s it. She’s evicted.
  • Frankie votes to evict: Nicole
  • Derrick votes to evict: Nicole

Who was evicted on Big Brother tonight: Nicole by a vote of 6 to 1

Nicole gives hugs all around as she gets ready to leave. Derrick hands her her packed bag. She doesn’t say much besides that she hopes she doesn’t fall out there. As her picture goes dark, Caleb says “another one down.” They all congratulate Donny for staying, like he had any choice about whether or not he would. They yell out good job and you rock to Nicole and say now she can go get her Hayden kiss.

Julie says that Nicole is the first person to go from HoH to evicted in the same week. Nicole says everyone just really wanted her out. She says she doesn’t really know. Maybe they saw her as a huge threat but she doesn’t know. She says of all the people left in the house, she loves Donny and would talk to him outside of the house. As for Christine, it was a smart move on her part but she feels frustrated and betrayed. She doesn’t think much of her as a person right now.

Nicole says she was trying to get Frankie out for a few weeks so sorry to any of his and Ariana’s fans out there. But it makes sense because he is good at everything. Nicole says Hayden is really nice and cute but she doesn’t know about a relationship outside of the house. She says being on the show was everything she dreamed of and it was awesome.

In the goodbye messages, Christine says Nicole is one of the coolest girls she has ever met and it was purely a strategic move. She hopes they can be friends outside of the house. Frankie says he admires her knowledge of the game so much and having to go against her has been the most difficult part of being in the house. He says she is remarkable and beautiful (and EVERYONE is sucking up to Nicole because she is going to be in the Jury.) Derrick says Nicole is a true superfan and the smartest person in the house. Donny says Nicole was his last, closest friend in the house and it will be lonely in there without him.

Julie sends Nicole off to the Jury house, but not before telling her that she might have a chance to get back in the game. Nicole looks like she wants to rip her clothes off in joy at the very idea.

Next up we have the night before the Head of Household Competition and production is scaring the pants off Nicole with a ghost in one of the one-way camera/observation mirrors. She freaks the hell out of Zach screaming but when he turns around, the ghostly images have vanished. Nicole, BTW, is TERRIFIED of ghosts.

Thus the ghostly zombie apocalypse invasion begins in the mirrors around the house. The Houseguests eventually gather in the Fire Bedroom with the lights off for the creepy display. As the night gets later, they listen to while production read out cities, numbers, and symptoms from a “Zombie Apocalypse” happening out in the real world. “Stay inside and start showmances immediately because this may be your last chance. Eating another Houseguest’s brains is grounds for expulsion.”

They will have to memorize the clues for the upcoming Head of Household Competition. Darn, another memory challenge. When will we get an awesome endurance comp?

In the ‘Dead of Household’ Competition, the Houseguests have to answer a series of questions based on the information they received last night.

Week 8 Head of Household Competition:

  • Round 1: B – Caleb is eliminated
  • Round 2: A – all are correct
  • Round 3: B – Donny & Victoria are eliminated
  • Round 4: A – Zach is eliminated
  • Round 5: B – all correct
  • Round 6: A – all correct
  • Round 7: A – all wrong
  • Round 8: A – Cody eliminated

Who won Head of Household on Big Brother tonight: Derrick and Frankie

Time for Team America’s new mission and the choices tonight are really weird and stupid. The second one being pretty much almost impossible. We’re betting that is the one everyone picks.

Then, instead of having more content from the hours and hours of Live Feeds footage they could have pulled from, we have Julie Chen talking to Rachel Reilly about the season so far. Yawn.

That’s a wrap!


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