Celebrity Big Brother Recap: (2/8/18) – Omarosa’s Bombshell Confession

The second night of the three night premier event of Celebrity Big Brother did not disappoint.  The recently announced Celebrity Gift Bag Recast Twist came into play which had the ability to shift the power in the Big Brother house.  One of the celebrities asked to be nominated for eviction because of homesickness.  And, Omarosa dropped a major bombshell confession to Ross Matthews about her previous employer, President Donald J. Trump.

Julie Chen began with explaining how the new twist works inside the Big Brother house.  At the onset of each nomination ceremony, the Gift Bag Recast logo will appear on the screen in the Big Brother living room.  Once the logo is shown, the houseguests may chose to visit the diary room and announce they wish to open their gift bag.

Prior to the nominations being announced by the HOH, the houseguest with the winning right to open their gift bag will do so.  If their bag contains the recast power, that houseguest will immediately takeover power in the Big Brother house as HOH.  The outgoing HOH is safe from eviction and cannot be nominated during the eminent nomination ceremony.

The new HOH will promptly reveal their choices for the eviction nominations.  The Gift Bag Recast Twist can only be used once in the Big Brother game, and once the twist has been used, it is no longer in play.   If more than one houseguest requests to open their bag at the same ceremony, a random drawing will be held to determine which houseguest will win the right to open their bag.

As soon as the twist was explained to the houseguests, both sides of the house discussed the best strategy on how to use the new twist. Marissa pointed out that the girls should all request to open their gift bags at the same time to maximize their chances to retain control in the Big Brother house.  The girls agreed that now they must convince the guys to forgo using the Gift Bag Recast Twist this week to increase their chances to maintaining numbers in the Big Brother house.

James Maslow revealed that he and Chuck Liddell are friends outside of the Big Brother house and will keep that information to themselves.  They decide to name their alliance the Celebrators and agreed that they need to bring at least one of the females into their alliance.  Meanwhile, Shannon Elizabeth thinks that bringing a male into their female alliance is the way to go, and that person should be Ross.  After all, Ross is much more comfortable with the girls in the Big Brother house than the boys thus far.

Ross is approached about joining the girls alliance and is onboard with the idea.  He agreed to keep the information from the other guys in the Big Brother house.  This way he will be able to be a spy for the girls and share with them information that the boys intend to do inside the Big Brother house.

James makes a visit the HOH bedroom to do some game talking with Shannon.  During his talk with her, he divulges that he considers her one of the biggest threats in the Big Brother game.  Although Mark claims to be such a superior game player to the other houseguests, he doesn’t appear to have a clue as to how to properly play this game.  After their brief convo, Shannon shares in the diary room that she may not have the opportunity again to eliminate James and there is no better time than the present.

Metta World Peace confides in Shannon that he is horribly homesick and misses his wife terribly.  He tells Shannon that he is ready to go home.  He asks Shannon to nominate him to the block for eviction so that he can leave the game.  Shannon strategically agrees to nominate Metta as long as he promises not to use the Gift Bag Recast Twist, which he easily agrees to with Shannon.

Omarosa has an interesting discussion about loyalty with Shannon.  Omarosa feels as though she is loyal to a fault.  She believes her loyalty to President Trump cost her many friends over the last year.  Keisha Knight Pulliam joins the conversation.  It takes an curious turn when Omarosa compares her loyalty to President Trump to Keisha’s loyalty to Bill Cosby.  Keisha thinks it is an apples to oranges comparison, much to the chagrin of Omarosa.  She makes it clear to Keisha that she will not allow her to pass judgement on her because of the last year she spent inside the White House working for President Trump.

Many have wondered if Omarosa would discuss her feelings about President Trump while held up in the Big Brother house.  That wait was a short one.  During an emotional outpouring to Ross in the backyard, Omarosa explained the emotional price she has paid over the last year being in the White House.  She explained that she is very hurt because most people perceive her as sharing in Trump’s mentality, and this is when the tears begin to flow.

Omarosa poignantly explains how the game of Big Brother forces the houseguests to stop and take a take a look at their own individual lives.  She explained how being in the Big Brother house with no handlers, agents, attorneys, or distractions forces this self-reflection.  Omarosa felt as if the last year in the White House took a significant toll on her life and her well-being.

Omarosa shares that she can see the pain in people when they talk to her about how afraid they are right now.  She continued with how upset it made her when Keisha thought she was a part of “that”, and this is not something she feels good about and it wasn’t something she was trying to do.  She knows that she made choices and now she must live with those choices.

Ross asked Omarosa’s why she went to the White House with President Trump.  She explained that it was a call of duty for her country and not for any one person, in particular.  Omarosa’s said she was haunted by tweets every single day and wondered what he was going to tweet next.

Omarosa said she tried to be that person that questioned President Trump about what he was doing, and she faced an onslaught of negativity from the people surrounding President Trump.  They went as far as to deny her access to the President.  She continued with, “it’s not my circus, it’s not my monkeys and I’d like to say it’s not my problem but I can’t say that because it’s bad.  Ross asked if we should be worried, meaning the American people, and Omarosa just shook her head no and added, “it’s not gonna be OK, it’s not”.  The emotional segment ended with Ross asking if she would vote for him again, and Omarosa’s responded, God no, never, in a million years never”.

On a lighter note, the girls alliance agreed that James would be their target for eviction.  The plan would be to nominate Metta and Mark McGrath who volunteered to be a pawn for this eviction.  Once the Power or Veto (POV) is played, the girls would take down one of the nominees and replace that houseguest with James, the intended target for eviction.  The girls also agreed that if any of the guys used the Gift Bag Recast Twist, then they would punish the guys by nominating Chuck and James instead for eviction.

Finally, the nomination ceremony began.  Chuck immediately went for the diary room to play his gift bag.  As previously discussed, all of the girls lined up to do the same.  Everyone lived up to their word to play their gift bag except Marissa who pretended to do so, but in fact, she did not play the twist.  After a random draw, Keisha won the right to open her Recast Twist Gift Bag.

When Keisha opened her gift bag, she did hold the recast power and was immediately named HOH.  She nominated James and Chuck to the block for eviction.  She explained her decision was not personal in nature whatsoever, but she made the decision on who she felt would be the biggest physical threat in the Big Brother game.

Now that the Gift Bag Recast Twist was used, all of the gift bags are no longer in play.  Shannon was pleased that her nominees were still put up on the block, and that was done without her receiving any blood on her hands.  Meta declared war on the girls because he was not nominated, while James declared war on them for nominating him to the block.  He and Chuck are now dependent on the POV to save their Big Brother game.  Tune in tonight for the final night of the three night premier to see who the first houseguest to be evicted from the Big Brother house.

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