Celebrity Big Brother: Preseason Roundtable Questions

Prior to the Celebrity Big Brother premiere, the Big Brother Access team discussed our fears, hopes, and dreams for this season of Big Brother. Since this is the first of its kind, we wanted to try to dissect the Big Brother: Celebrity Edition houseguests, the game, and other fun things.

Celebrity Big Brother Marissa Jaret Winokur, Omarosa, Ariadna Gutierrez

Take a break from the madness of Celebrity Big Brother Live Feeds to read our discussion. We hope you enjoy.

Which celebrity/celebrities are you most looking forward to watching the house? And which one/s are you least looking forward to?

Celebrity Big Brother Ariadna

Jerrica: I’m most looking forward to Chuck Liddell, Ross Mathews, and Marissa Jaret Winokur. Ross because I’ve been a longtime fan of him, especially since Chelsea Lately, and I know he’s a huge fan so I want to see what he does in the game. I LOVE Hairspray but didn’t know much about Marissa, but I adored her on her interviews, so I want to see what she brings to the table. Chuck surprised me the most researching him. He didn’t give me much during his interviews, but reading his bio and things, I think he has a lot more potential to win than I originally expected. So I’m hoping he does well in the game. Least would be James Maslow. I came in excited to see him play, and then I watched the interviews. That excitement faded so fast.

Dan: I’m most looking forward to seeing Shannon Elizabeth actually. She’s been a fan for years talking and podcasting about the show, and now she’s finally got a shot to show off what she’s learned from watching all this time. I’m also lowkey excited to see if any drama unfolds between Brandi and Omarosa and maybe even someone like Metta. I’m least excited for James, I don’t know who he is and he’s not impressed me in anything I’ve seen so far. He just seems like a “famous” version of Cody Calafiore.

Nora: I am definitely looking forward to seeing the chemistry between Omarosa and Brandi Glanville. I have a sneaky suspicion that they just may fool us all and be the best of buddies in the house. If they form an alliance together, watch out Big Brother house.

Danielle: I think I’m most looking forward to Marissa Winokur- She’s a fan, seems to have a big personality and is super talented (too bad they can’t sing on the feeds!) I’m not sure if there’s anyone I’m not looking forward to- there’s a few I don’t know much about, so we’ll see how it goes.

Tamara: Most – Brandi Glanville, Ross Matthews, Mark McGrath, Ariadna Gutierrez Least – Keshia Knight Pulliam, Metta World Peace.

Who do you think has the best chance of winning, and why?

Celebrity big brother memory wall

Tamara: Omarosa b/c CBS/Grodner wants her too, lol. Shannon Elizabeth b/c she’s a super fan and knows you have to adjust your gameplay to the circumstances of the game and is very knowledgeable of the game. Ross has a great possibility too b/c of his knowledge of the game. I see him getting along with everyone in the house.

Nora: Being that Shannon Elizabeth is a super fan, I think she may do quite well in the house. Also, Brandi Glanville made the top 4 on Celebrity Apprentice. Don’t underestimate her abilities either.

Dan: My brain says that Shannon or Ross have the best shot, but I think Marissa might actually be a dark horse and something about her has me really liking her chances. If she can keep her big personality in check and keeps her head on straight, I think she can pull it off. I have to think that those who know the show best have the greatest chance but stranger things have happened: I really could see almost anyone winning depending on how things unfold. I think maybe Mark has a good shot as well.

Jerrica: Shannon Elizabeth. My only worry about Shannon is that she might come in playing too hard too fast. Yes, it’s a shorter season but that can still hurt your game. Ross, Marissa, and Chuck are other ones. Ross and Marissa just might be too much of superfans to hide it, which would make them easy targets. Chuck might just be too laid back to win. I can see him going on block, and not campaigning enough to stay, and out the door in two seconds.

Is there any celebrity that you were disappointed to not see on Celebrity Big Brother?

Celebrity Big Brother Brandi Drinks

Nora: I am a huge Dennis Rodman fan. I got to meet him at the Super Bowl back in 2002. I was really hoping he would be cast to add some flair and unexpected behavior into the mix.

Jerrica: Tiffany Pollard! Come on CBS, do you not want good TV?!

Dan: Not particularly. Sure, having some more “A list” celebrities would have been cool but I’m pretty pleased with who we’ve got and I think it’s a good mix. Hopefully it goes well and maybe other celebrities who said no would join in next time.

Tamara: Spencer Pratt, Chad Johnson, Dennis Rodman and Tiffany Pollard.

Danielle: I would have loved to have seen Lance Bass- knowing he’s such a fan of the game, and Nsync- do I really need to say more?

How do you think the short season will impact the game?

Celebrity Big Brother Ari and Ross

Dan: My assumption is that the gameplay will be more intense since there won’t be many “off” days that we usually get in a long season. But also because it’s celebrities perhaps it won’t go that way. It’s hard to say but they don’t have the time to bond that houseguests normally have so maybe they’ll not feel the need to be as loyal, but there’s also less at stake for them with it being half the prize money.

Tamara: Both in positive and negative ways. Positive- (for us)we’ll only have to listen to the crazy Feeds music for short amount of Time (Big Positive), the Celebrities won’t have as much time worrying about who’s being truthful or not, they won’t have it figured out until the knife is in their back. So, I’m predicting we’ll see some good blindsides. Negative- It might feel rushed, not as many elaborate comps more luck style comps. which is unfortunate.

Jerrica: That’s very hard to predict. I think we’ll have alliance forming even quicker–which seems hard to imagine since most in a regular season form within first couple days. I think a lot of bigger characters will go out early, which is why I’m worried about the superfans.

Danielle: I think the short season could change EVERYTHING for a couple of reasons- first, you don’t have the time to build trust, or get super annoyed and fed up with someone after like 40 days. Second, a lot of people like to hang low the first couple weeks- let the drama happen without them, keep their heads down, don’t become a target, build trust etc- however with such a short timeline, you’ll have to do all of that in a matter of days.

Nora: Both in positive and negative ways. Being the season is so short, I think the drama will be at an all-time high, which makes for great TV. On the downside, we won’t get to see the impact of being in the house for the typical 3 months on the celebrity cast.

If you have watched any of the interviews, who has surprised you? And why?

Celebrity Big Brother Marissa JAret Winokur

Danielle: Sadly, I did not. I usually don’t. I kinda like going into the season pretty blind- it makes for first impressions to be really fun.

Jerrica: The only people who really surprised me were the ones I didn’t know too well. James surprised me because he just came off arrogant. I guess I expected this nice, humble dude. No clue why I expected that. Ariadna was such a sweet girl and fun. I expected a stereotypical beauty queen, which just shows to not fall into the trap of stereotypes.

Nora: No, not really any surprises here for me with the cast.

Tamara: Mark McGrath because of his sense of humor, he came across funny, likeable, laid back. Chuck Liddell was so soft spoken, doesn’t seem to be aggressive or in your face personality like I was expecting.

Dan: I think Ariadna is quite surprising. She was very charming and likable. If she can communicate effectively with everyone she might be someone with a real shot. She’s very unlike what people might expect from her, and I hope the houseguests are as charmed by her as I was. I also was also surprised to see that Chuck and Metta were as laid back as they were.

Give us your best prediction for Celebrity Big Brother

Celebrity Big Brother Brandi Glanville and Shannon Glanville


Jerrica: I predict Omarosa will be a fan favorite. Don’t come for me Twitter!

Tamara: The cast is overall interesting, a right mix of personalities with a few super fans mixed in. It’s just the right amount of time to get us excited about #BB20 and want more Big Brother.

Dan: I predict that Omarosa will last longer than people expect her to, and that Brandi might be savvier at this game than people expect.

Nora: I will mark the first season of many for Big Brother: Celebrity Edition. This should be a big hit with all the Big Brother fans out there especially since we can watch the houseguests on BBAD on Pop TV. We will get to see a side of them they rarely show to the public. I expect some revelations from the cast during late night talk and more than one emotional breakdown. This should be a fun rollercoaster ride of a season. Buckle up!

Danielle: I’d love to see CBB pick up steam and be able to get some big names on the show in the future. However, personally I’ll struggle watching so many nights a week for several reasons- I have other shows I love to watch, it’s during the Olympics, which I love. I understand the need for a shorter season- but I hope that having so many shows a week doesn’t become too much for fans. I’ll also be super curious to see how shows will work- if only one of the shows a week is live- feedsters could be seeing everything they’ve already seen, which may also have a negative impact on having so many shows a week. (however, for a casual, non-feedster, they may enjoy getting to see more… maybe, if they’re an exciting group?)

We hope you enjoyed reading this roundtable. Possible more in future. If you want to add your opinions, answer our questions in the comment section.

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