Celebrity Big Brother Premiere Recap: (2/7/18)-The Celebrities Move In

Finally, the night we have all been waiting for…the premiere of Big Brother: Celebrity Edition.  As expected, all of the celebrities brought their sizable egos along with their competitive spirit in hopes of winning the grand prize of $250,000.  Julie Chen reminded us there are 94 cameras and 113 microphones inside the Big Brother house to capture every minute of the competition.  Let’s get down to business.

Celebrity Big Brother Cast

The episode begins with an introduction of the first five celebrities.  If you need introductions, please view our previous blogs for more information on all of the celebrity houseguests.  The first five houseguests to move into the Big Brother house were Mark McGrath, Brandi Glanville, Metta World Peace, Ariadna Gutierrez, and Ross Mathews.  The second group of six moving were Shannon Elizabeth, Chuck Liddell, Keshia Knight Pulliam, Marissa Jaret Winokur, James Maslow, and Omarosa Manigault-Newman, who described herself as a reality TV legend tonight in the diary room (no, seriously). The houseguests made introductions to one another and enjoyed some champagne together to kick things off.

In true Big Brother fashion, it did not take long for houseguests to annoy one another. The first two celebrities to rub each other the wrong way were Brandi and James. This was literally over small talk, and James already vowed to evict Brandi should he win the first Head of Household (HOH).  Brandi could probably eat James as a snack, if she chose to do so.

A questionable flub was made by self-proclaimed Big Brother super fan Shannon Elizabeth. Apparently, she and Marissa are friends and vowed to keep their friendship a secret from the other houseguests as an advantage in the game. Not very long after introductions were made, Shannon is shown speaking privately with Omarosa and divulging her friendship with Marissa. Well that secret didn’t last very long.

Shannon coughed up the info to Omarosa as they were discussing the history of weakness on the part of female houseguests in the game of Big Brother. Omarosa wants to make history with an all girls final and has begun to rally the female troops together. The women are in a good position right out of the gate because they have a 6 to 5 advantage over the men.  We will have to wait and see if Omarosa can make “herstory” like she has claimed she will do in Big Brother.

Award Squeezin’ is the name of the first HOH competition.  However, before the competition began, Julie announced there was an award to be presented first to the sexiest celebrity NOT appearing on the block. Each houseguest randomly chose a star which were numbered 1 through 11. Julie held an envelope with a number pre-selected. The winner of the award would be safe from the first eviction and would not compete in the HOH competition. Omarosa won the award and is safe from the first eviction.

For the HOH comp, each houseguest must wrap their arms and legs around a life-size trophy (à la Academy Award) and hang on for dear life. The last houseguest to remain on their trophy wins the first HOH. This wasn’t as easy as it sounds because the trophies were suspended from above, could sway very easily, and spun quite quickly.

Once the celebs grasped their trophies and the competition began, they were entertained by some Big Brother alumni.  Paul Abrahamian kicked off the celebration with a song and dance. He was joined by Rachel Reilly who sang to Jodi Rollins and Jody (Jessica Graff and Cody Nickson).  Mr. Spectacular rounded out the alumni entertainment for the evening.

During the opening act, the first houseguest fell from their trophy. Here is a breakdown and timeline of how long each celebrity lasted on their trophy:

  • Marissa 3:05
  • Metta 4:18
  • Mark 13:38
  • Ross 15:13
  • Chuck 18:30
  • Ari 20:13
  • Keisha 23:03
  • Brandi 23:26

At this point, there were only two houseguests remaining in the competition, Shannon and James. After withstanding being slimed and spun on their trophies, Shannon held on the longest and won the first Big Brother HOH competition. James did make an attempt to make a deal with Shannon when just the two remained, but Omarosa made sure to quell any chance James had at striking a deal.

As soon as Shannon was crowned HOH, Julie announced the first twist of the game in Celebrity Big Brother.  Each houseguest received a Big Brother gift bag, but not all of the contents were the same.  While most received Big Brother swag, others will receive a new Big Brother power entitled Recast the HOH.

The recast power grants the holder power to overthrow the current HOH and assume the HOH title dor themselves.  How does the new Big Brother power work, and who has the new power?

Tune into Big Brother:Celebrity Edition tonight for the 2nd part of the three night premiere event.

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