Who Won Power of Veto Tonight on Big Brother All-Stars? (9/30/20)

Big Brother fans watch again this week as the house majority alliance, the Committee, has maintained a stronghold of power on the Big Brother All-Star house during week eight. Cody Calafiore won his second Head of Household competition of the season. With only two houseguests left to nominate to the block that were not a member (or honorary member like Enzo Palumbo) of Cody’s alliance, the noms were an obvious choice.

Big Brother All-Stars HOH

Kevin Campbell was nominated to the block for the fifth time this season this week, while David Alexander was nominated for the third time by HOH Cody. If either noms win the POV tonight, things could get really tricky for Cody. He would have to nominate an ally to block in their place. Can Kevin or David pull a rabbit out of a hat again this week and save their game?

Week Eight Block Nomination Aftermath

Cody thinks that Kevin will come after him so he plans to target Kevin this week for eviction. If either of his nominations come off the block, Cody may make a big splash and go after his own alliance member, Christmas Abbott. The week all depends on the POV competition.

Christmas told Memphis Garrett that she is concerned that she may be the replacement nom if one of the noms comes off the block this week. She feels as though Cody is closer to others in the house than her, and that she needs to take her own game into her own hands right now. She wants to get picked to play the POV and win taking that power away from Cody.

Enzo isn’t the only one fed up with the way this season has been played inside the Big Brother house. He is ready for some big moves, for Cody to shake things up, to make some enemies. Big Brother fans could not agree more with Enzo about this subject!

Big Brother All-Stars Nicole Christmas

Nicole Franzel decided to start playing her own game and not pal Dani Donato’s. Nicole decided to go to Christmas and let her know that Dani had her on her radar. Christmas wasn’t surprised with the info, but now she knows who to watch out for in the game. This bough Nicole a ton of brownie points with Christmas going forward.

Week Eight Power of Veto Competition

As usual, the HOH and two noms automatically play in the POV competition. In addition to Cody, Kevin, and David, Tyler Crispen, Nicole, and Enzo will be playing in the Power of Veto competition.

As you may recall, Dr. Will Kirby, season 2 Big Brother winner, recently moved in next door to the house. He promised prizes and power in the HOH and POV competitions this week.

OTEV is back again to visit the Big Brother house. This week’s POV comp is called Otev: the Psychadelic Salamander. Otev is crashing at Dr. WIll’s pad, but he threw a party and all his tie-dyed t-shirts have disappeared. He needs the houseguests to help get them back.

Big Brother All-Stars OTEV

In each round, OTEV will ask the players to find the tees with band names of two evicted houseguests. Players will slide down the trippy, slippy party ramp to begin their search of the tee OTEV is looking for. Once the player has the correct tee, they must make their way back up the trippy slippy party ramp and present the tee to OTEV.

The last player to present the correct tee in each round will be eliminated from the competition. The last player standing wins. Some of the hidden tees are worth $10,000. If a houseguests finds a lucky tee and wishes to claim the prize, they will present the tee to OTEV. The first player to do so wins the $10,000 prize from OTEV but will be eliminated from the competition.

David took the $10,000 prize tee in the first round and is eliminated. Sometimes you have to wonder why David is considered an All-Star…just saying. Tyler is taken out next. Cody barely beats out Kevin in the third round. Next to go is Nicole. Only Cody and Enzo remain. In the end, Cody won the POV competition this week to go with his HOH win.

Week Eight Power of Veto Ceremony

At the POV ceremony, Cody decided NOT to use the POV and keep the nominations the same. This means that either David or Kevin will be evicted to the jury house tomorrow. Most likely, Kevin will be evicted if Cody sticks to his original plan. Unless the houseguests want to get even with David for feeling so safe he took a prize rather than fight for safety and the POV this week.

Don’t forget, tomorrow night’s episode feature a TRIPLE EVICTION night in the Big Brother house. The fun begins Thursday, October 1 at 8 PM EST/ 7 PM CST. Join us tomorrow night to see the house majority alliance finally begin to implode on itself.

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