It’s another week in the Big Brother 17 house and Green Beanie is back in full effect. That’s right, Vanessa is Head of Household again and she and GB have big plans for meltdowns and circular logic that only they can comprehend. Welcome to Week 10 of Big Brother 2015!!

Vanessa "cries" after James tells her she is playing too hard and "hurts her feelings."

Vanessa “cries” after James tells her she is playing too hard and “hurts her feelings.”

After John won his way back into the house, this week basically became a reset. None of the information that Shelli, Becky and Jackie shared in the Jury House made it back in, which was the most ideal situation for Vanessa (and the least ideal situation for fans who were craving a power shift).

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds and CBS show. Please do not proceed if you do not want spoilers!

Let’s face it. As hard of a pill as it is for many to swallow, Vanessa has had, at the least, a minor role in almost every eviction this season and, as such, has had the best game this summer. Of all of the houseguests, she has been able to best control the outcome of evictions in a way that has set her up to have the best odds of surviving week to week and making it to the end. The biggest question for Vanessa right now is whether or not her jury management has been good enough to pull out the win, should she make it to the Final 2. More about that later.

Vanessa and her Green Beanie, along with some rendition of Freaks and Geeks, Scamper Squad, and Sixth Sense, has quite literally controlled nearly 75% of the game, with a member of their alliance(s) winning 8 out of 11 Head of Households.

It is rare that one alliance controlling the house makes for a “good season of Big Brother,” but it is especially bad when the alliance is made up of a neurotic tweaker, an annoyingly awkward rat, a whining home wrecking hussy, an egomaniacal cheating dog, and the narcissistic whining counterpart of season 16’s Victoria. The Scamper Squad is NOT the easiest alliance to root for but they have had solid control of most of the game and for that… we have to… give them… kuuu… (coughs) kuuuuu… (rips hair out) kuuuuuuuu… (wrings hands) kuuuuuuuuuuu… (gouges out eyeballs) KUDOS!

THAT WAS SOOOOOO-UH HAAAAAAARD-UH!! (that’s what Liz she said)

Yes, KUDOS to the Scamper Squad for making millions of fans the world over hate-watch almost the entire season of Big Brother 17.  BRAVO!

Moving on…

To Vanessa’s nominations.



Keeping with tradition, the nominees this week are two more Fan Favorites aka People More Likeable Than of The Scamper Squad – James and Meg aka Jeg, with James as the target. After going up on the block, James and Meg were quite upset, to say the least. After they saved Vanessa from eviction, they thought that they would have earned not going up on the block under her HoH. That is not how Vanessa works, guys. She will always find a reason to go back on her word. She will always throw weak excuses and circular logic in your face and hope that you are too confused to follow or fight back. If all else fails, she will tell you it is just a game move – nothing personal!

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