Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Racism Raises It’s Ugly Heads Again on Big Brother Live Feeds

After the live eviction on Thursday night, chaos reigned with the Big Brother 15 cast last night on the 2013 Big Brother Live Feeds. A series of nasty argument erupted between various HouseGuests, including one between Aaryn, Candice and GinaMarie heavily flavored with a racist edge. This later led to a full on rant from Amanda about how everyone thinks Aaryn is racist, including production, which blew up into another huge fight. Just a note, we aren’t putting any of this under a Big Brother spoilers warning because we feel this is stuff everyone should know about what is going on in the house.

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The drama came to a head last night after a shocking eviction on the CBS Big Brother 15 show left Aaryn and her alliance mates devastated by the ousting of their buddy Nick. GinaMarie, who believed she was just days away from a romance starting up between them, was especially distraught and sobbed through most of the evening. All this tension and anger set the stage for a major showdown between Aaryn’s crew and Candice that nearly turned into a race war live on the Big Brother Live Feeds cameras. (Rewind back to around 10:45 PM and watch the sh*t hit the fan or keep reading for our report on the incident.)

In a fit of anger, Aaryn flipped over the mattress Candice and Howard had been sharing and scattered all the bed stuff onto the floor while Kaitlin and GinaMarie laugh. Jeremy laughs too, shrugs it off and calls them crazy. Candice finds the bed messed up and gets pissed, saying, “I know someone’s got one more time to flip my bed then there’s going to be all hell in this house.” Either Kaitlin or GinaMarie (hard to tell which) shouts out “Ooooo! Gonna see the black girl come out of you!” Aaryn then snaps her fingers, wiggles her hips and starts mocking Candice in some kind of attempt at a stereotypical ‘black’ accentt, “Whatcha gonna do, girl? Whatcha gonna do?”

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The nastiness continues as Aaryn says she wouldn’t want to sleep in the bed where Howard and Candice had been anyway “with all them crabs.” She keeps on taunting Candice, saying, “Where’s yo class, girl? Where’s yo class?” At this point, Howard tries to get in between the girls, begging Candice to just let it go and leave the room.

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GinaMarie gets in Candice’s face, yelling, “Whatcha gonna say? Whatcha gonna say?” repeatedly. Then she yells,“You want the black to come out?” Howard keeps trying to get Candice to leave but she won’t. GinaMarie continues shouting at Candice, upping the racist remarks even further, “You want the whites this way and the blacks this way?” she says as she gestures to opposite sides of the bedroom.

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Candice still won’t back down and finally Howard bodily picks her up, tosses her over his shoulder and carries her out. He takes her off and tries to comfort her because she is so horribly upset. He says he can’t let them talk to her like that and she has to shake it off or he’ll get himself evicted.


Howard doesn’t want Candice going back and trying to sleep in the same room with the “Mean Girls” but she doesn’t want to give them that kind of win over her. He tells her he’s not going to go back in there to sleep either. She asks if that means they are supposed to let the girls win and take their bed. He says they are not running from anything. “We ain’t letting them have it, we’re being bigger right here. That’s it… This ain’t the sixties. We’re just being smarter.”

Later that evening, Amanda — seemingly sick of all the fighting and racist crap going around — confronts Aaryn, GinaMarie and Kaitlin. We think she’s probably been pushed by production on this to get the girls to STFU on this stuff but someone does need to say it. She yells that it is time to “clear the air right now” and chastises the “Mean Girls” for talking sh*t about everyone. Amanda tells Aaryn that production has been asking all the HouseGuests about her racist comments and that they are “picturing on the show as very racist!” She says everybody knows it’s true. Amanda says she has been trying to help Aaryn by getting her to stop saying this stuff.

7-12-2013 01-36-48 PMAaryn says that what Amanda said is “f**ked up” and total crap. Amanda says it is the truth and that she can’t make Aaryn say anything that she hasn’t said. Aaryn says she hasn’t said anything that is racist in the house. Amanda tells her again that production has been asking all the HouseGuests about Aaryn’s racism. The head Mean Girl fights back that she doesn’t think production would show her as a racist when she hasn’t said anything like that.

The Big Brother 15 house has literally now become segregated ground as Howard and Candice end up sleeping on the floor of the Have Not room rather than going back in with their haters. We don’t blame them one bit. Aaryn, GinaMarie, Kaitlin and probably Jeremy as well have seperated themselves out with this latest series of fights as untouchables. Howard and Candice will never work with them again and most of the rest of the house is now against them as well.

This was just the latest incident of Aaryn and GinaMarie making pointedly racist remarks. In only three weeks on the show, they’ve made a lot worse ones — including GM calling welfare “n***er insurance” early on in the season. Kaitlin, Jeremy and Spencer have also made incredibly offensive comments. Jeremy is the most misogynistic douchebag imaginable and calls women terrible things. Spencer has praised Hitler’s speaking prowess and thinks Nazi torture doctors at the concentration camps contributed positively to society. Several of them have also made snarky homophobic remarks, sometimes right to Andy’s face. All of it has been captured on camera on the Big Brother Live Feeds.

Outside of the Big Brother 2013 house, karma is already getting her payback — although the HouseGuests don’t know anything about it yet. GinaMarie was fired from her pageant job after they decided she was not good role model material for young girls. Aaryn was dropped from her modeling agency and ditched as a magazine spokesmodel over her racist commentary. Spencer as well has been slammed by his employer and they are currently working with his union about the possibility of firing him.

We have to ask at this point, when does CBS actually step in and put their foot down for real about the racism, homophobia and misogyny going on this season on Big Brother 15? These HouseGuests either need a very public reprimand or a very public removal from the game. At the very least, CBS needs to truly show how horrible all these people are on the network prime time show and what their behavior has cost them in the real world. And we aren’t just talking about Aaryn either, she’s just the poster child for a terrible sickness infecting this season of Big Brother.


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