Big Brother 15 Power Rankings: Week 3 — Who’s the Sharknado This Week?

Yes, we watched Sharknado and yes, it was as horribly awesome as everyone is talking about. Which is why, when doing our Big Brother 15 power rankings this week, we couldn’t help but reference SyFy’s latest incredibly insane attempt to murder the genre of film once again. When contemplating who currently holds the power in the Big Brother 2013 cast, it was easy to see which HouseGuests caused a Sharknado of destruction in the house this week and deserve our respect!

sharknado Big Brother

After Elissa and Helen were initially nominated for eviction this week, it seemed almost guaranteed that Elissa would end up being evicted. When her Most Valuable Player pick Jeremy won the Power of Veto and she replaced him with fellow Moving Company alliance member Nick, we were sure she just had to be going home, right?

But this is Big Brother and nothing is ever absolute until the last vote is counted. By the time the live eviction rolled around, Nick was out and Elissa was sitting pretty as the BFF of new Head of Household Helen and another potential week of being MVP again ahead. A huge slew of the kudos for making this happen definitely goes to Helen.

For the incredible work she did on the plan to keep Elissa in the house despite all odds and her calm demeanor when facing even the toughest obstacles, we are voting Helen as number one in our Big Brother Power 15 Rankings this week.

1. Helen — She was brilliant in executing and succeeding at the plan to get Nick out and then followed it up by winning Head of Household with Elissa at her side. We are 99% sure the MVP will either be Elissa or one of the other ‘Rebel Alliance’ members aligned with Helen, which virtually guarantees Aaryn, Jeremy, Kaitlin or possibly Spencer will be out the door this week.

2. Amanda — While we gave our number one spot to Helen, we agree with our friends at Big Brother Network that Amanda was a huge force in flipping the house to vote Nick out. She got McCrae to screw The Moving Company alliance over and his flip trickled down to eventually cause Spencer to flip as well, even though he did not initially even know McCrae had already decided to betray the alliance. Plus, Amanda pissed off very few people in the process, kept all her alliances happy, and she has McCrae, a strong player in his own right, in her back pocket.

3. Elissa — Overall we don’t give Elissa a lot of power to win Big Brother 15 unless something drastic happens. We actually think her days are pretty numbered and she was inches away from being evicted this week. However, for the next eviction, Elissa has tons of power at hand. She could potentially win MVP for the third week in a row. Plus, she’s now been the center of this huge rebel rally to keep her in the house over Nick. So she’s on much more friendly terms with half the Big Brother 2013 cast.

4. Candice — Right now Candice is sitting pretty because everyone on her side of the house likes her but does not consider her a threat. Everyone on the other side of the house (namely Aaryn, Kaitlin, GM and Jeremy) may hate her but they don’t consider her a threat either. Plus, Candice is currently aligned with all the power in the house while her enemies are in serious trouble.

5. Andy — No one is really targeting Andy at all right now and this guy is everywhere. He’s a ninja of sneakery and he’s always picking up tidbits about everyone and everything going on.

6. Jessie — She’s a big target for the “Mean Girls” if they get back in power but her vote flip this week sealed the deal and put the nail in Nick’s eviction. Right now she’s kind of the only real “floater” going around, so everyone except the idiots in the house want to get her firmly on their side.

7. Judd — Judd is doing just fine, thank you very much. No one wants him out this week and no one takes him as a serious threat. Plus, he’s now got a brewing showmance with Jessie going to give him a strong ally in the house to work with.

8. McCrae — He is now a target of his former alliance mates, namely Howard and Jeremy in particular. He’s also not secure with the other side of the house either, although Amanda has been doing her best to protect him and keep him good on all sides. We don’t think he’s in any danger this week but he will be put on the block at some point. The other HGs think he is dangerous.

9. Howard — We only rank him this high because we think his vote will be important to covet this week and we don’t yet know where his loyalty will fall. He lied to the Rebel Alliance and voted to get out Nick. We suspect some of them will figure this out and not trust him again. But that means he stayed true to The Moving Company. He’s obviously supporting Candice emotionally and he hates Aaryn and her crew with their racist BS. But he hasn’t broken off with Jeremy despite his closeness to Aaryn and Kaitlin. Howard is a conundrum we’ll have to watch.

10. GinaMarie — GM only gets in the top 10 because we don’t think Helen, Elissa and the rest of their allies will bother targeting her this week. She will keep flying under the radar despite her nasty mouth and ridiculous freak out over Nick leaving at least for another week or two.

The rest: Aaryn, Kaitlin, Spencer and Jeremy. These HouseGuests are at the bottom of our list this week because we’re pretty sure one of them is going to be evicted. Aaryn has been digging her own grave. Kaitlin isn’t loved by anyone and half the house hates her. Jeremy is seen as too big of a threat. No one trusts Spencer much or how close he is with Howard.

Next up will be Helen’s Head of Household eviction nominations and we can’t wait to see who she is going to put up on the block this week! Of course, Helen’s a smart cookie and she may very well not put up her primary target in hopes of backdooring them later…

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