Britney Haynes Baby Tilly Starts Third Round of Chemotherapy

Big Brother alumni Britney Haynes’ baby daughter Tilly has started her third round of chemotherapy. Tilly was diagnosed with cancer last month. Britney says the family continues to “be blessed with her progress and how much better she is feeling” and is so thankful for all of the cards, gifts and well wishes sent by her Big Brother fans.

Britney haynes Baby Tilly cancer

“The third round of chemo starts tomorrow,” Britney Haynes posted on her blog on October 14. “We also have some important scans scheduled. It is going to be a very intense week for us so please, as always, keep us in your thoughts and prayers. We are extremely anxious for some good news.”

Britney is anxious for baby Tilly to be well so that they can both enjoy “all of her being a little baby!” Despite the stress and anxiety of dealing with a cancer diagnosis for her baby girl, Britney says being a mom is the “best and most rewarding experience of my life.”

Even though she has a “sense of urgency” for Tilly to be cured and done with cancer, Britney says she reminds herself to remember to cherish every moment. She says everyone is very encouraged by Tilly’s response to treatment and that she is smiling, happy and slowly gaining weight.

For all the fans who have been so supportive during this grueling process, Britney is so thankful. “All of you have sent cards and little gifts are so awesome! We love reading all of the encouragement,” Britney says. “I think it is so amazing Tilly will be able to see how many people from all over cared for her.”

Show your support with donations, cards, letters etc. at and with the hashtag #togetherfortilly on Facebook and Twitter.

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