Survivor 2013 Spoilers: Who Went Home on Survivor Week 6? 10/23/2013

Predicting who went home on Survivor Blood vs Water tonight was not an easy task. When we left off last week, Laura Morett had just been sent off to Redemption Island in a blindside Tribal Council Vote. There, she would have to face off against John Cody and Brad Culpepper to decide who was eliminated on Survivor 2013 this week.

Survivor 2013 blood vs water week 6
Genuine Survivor spoilers this season have been few and far between, so we couldn’t count on any of the alleged sources out there proclaiming who was booted out of the game in week 6. So for our prediction this week, we just kind of had to go with our gut and the little bit of hopefully true insider info we could find.

Laura M.’s former tribe mates (except for Monica Culpepper, of course) were really hoping that by voting such a strong competitor out that she might be able to take on Brad and win. We think this was actually a smart strategy. From Survivor spoilers out there we do think might have some truth to them, we hear that Laura M. will allegedly survive through the merging of the two tribes. John and Brad, however, reportedly will not make it that far.

So who went home on Survivor 2013 in week 6 if it came down to Brad versus John? Well, it’s a tough call but we’re going to put our bet on John being the next one to lose out in the Redemption Island challenge. Honestly though, it’s really a flip of the coin with no good Survivor spoilers to rely on for tonight’s elimination results.

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