Survivor 2013 spoilers have been a bit sketchy this season but we do have some thoughts on who will most likely be going home on Survivor Blood vs. Water in week 5. Normally we would have a relatively reliable source of information on who is eliminated on which episode by this time in the season. This time around, however, we have several Survivor 27 boot lists floating around and none of them have been entirely accurate.

Survivor 2013 Blood vs Water Week 5

So far, only one of the Survivor spoilers boot lists we’ve found has been accurate at all — and that one only correctly predicted the first elimination of Rupert Boneham. John Cody was listed as the second person to go home on that Survivor Blood vs. Water boot list, which didn’t turn out to be true. Thus, we can’t really trust what any of these so-called spoilers lists have to say about who will get the boot on episode 5.

As far as we can tell, there are no totally reliable Survivor 27 spoilers on this week’s elimination out there. We had heard rumors previously that Big Brother winner Hayden Moss’ girlfriend Kat Edorsson might be the once eliminated next but obviously that’s not happening since she’s not even on Redemption Island. The three who are in danger this week are Brad Culpepper, John Cody and his wife Candice Cody.

Of the three, we believe that Brad is most likely to be safe this week according to what we’ve scrounged up out there in the world wide web. However, we can’t be sure if it will be Candice or John who ends up losing the Redemption Island challenge on Wednesday night. Based on some very, very unreliable sources, it seems slightly more likely it will be John who loses but we’re not going to guarantee that to be true.

We can tell you that we are probably looking at another blindside vote on Wednesday night since CBS so clearly spelled it out in a promo for this week’s episode by saying “someone will be blindsided.” That wasn’t even subtle enough to qualify as a Survivor spoilers item!

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