Former winner of Big Brother 12, Hayden Moss, was among the Survivor: Blood vs. Water cast on the Sept. 18 premiere episode. On Survivor: Blood vs. Water, he competes against his girlfriend and former Survivor: One World contestant, Kat Edorsson.  Though playing with or against a loved one on a reality show can strain a relationship, the duo hope that the money won’t hurt their romance.  Hayden reveals this and other little tidbits about his thoughts on the Survivor game and his post-Big Brother life on an exclusive CBS video.

survivor 2013 Hayden Moss and Kat Edorsson

In a ‘Secret Scene’ from last week’s episode of Survivor: Blood vs. Water, Hayden discusses what he expects and hopes from his time on Survivor: Blood vs. Water. He begins the video by comparing Big Brother 12 with Survivor. According to Hayden, the similarities between the games are that they both require excellent social skills to win. Where the two competitions differ is in how the Survivor challenges are more intense than the Big Brother ones. However, being a country boy, Hayden feels he is very prepared for them.

Next on the video, he talks about his girlfriend. He explains how they met. One day they were both at a reality show charity event. While hanging at the pool, they started playing around and suddenly connected.  He then discusses how having a loved one really changes the Survivor game. Hayden states that one of his biggest fears is having Survivor: Blood vs. Water destroy their relationship.

Hayden claims he would pick her over the money, but then he contradicts himself by saying he really wants to win, and she really wants to win.  So they may get ultra-competitive during the finals if they both make it there.

Lastly he talks about some of his strategy for winning Survivor: Blood vs. Water, which involves using flirtation to keep himself safe and win allies.

Check out Hayden’s video below. Can he win Survivor: Blood vs. Water? 

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