Survivor 2013 Spoilers: Blood vs Water Episode 2 (Photos)

On Survivor 2013 Wednesday night, the first castaway will be eliminated after the first three-way Redemption Island challenge. Whichever players comes in last, either Rupert Boneham, Candice Cody or Marissa Peterson, will be headed home. After the elimination, the Galang and Tadhana tribes will go head to head once again to determine which set of Survivor 27 castaways will end up in front of the Tribal Council this time — the veterans, or the newbies.

Rule In Chaos

Last week on Survivor Blood vs Water, Candice Cody and Laura Boneham were voted out of the game and sent to Redemption Island before things even really got rolling. Rupert Boneham decided to trade places with his wife to give her the opportunity to play. She wasn’t feeling too happy about that later when she ended up lowest on the totem pole in the otherwise all veteran tribe.

On Wednesday night, Laura will have to prove to her new tribe that she can be just as valuable of a player as her husband. Meanwhile, he’ll be struggling not to be the first person to go home on Survivor 27 this season in a three-way battle against Candice and Marissa. Draw your on conclusions on how you think things will turn out with our Survivor spoilers photos from episode 2 below.

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