From Survivor spoilers for tonight’s episode, we know there will be a major tribe shuffle that leaves just a single guy on one of the two tribes. This, we assume, is how we ended up with this week’s Survivor Blood vs Water week 6 title: “One Man Wrecking Ball.” In addition to the rearrangement of the tribes this evening, we’ll also find out who will go home in the latest Survivor results and discover who will be voted off and be the next to face Redemption Island.

Last week, we closed out the episode with Laura Morett being the victim of another blindside vote in Tribal Council. She was booted off to Redemption Island, where she will face off against Brad Culpepper and John Cody to determine who goes home on Survivor 2013 this week. Based on some VERY shaky Survivor spoilers we found, we have placed our tentative bets on John being the one who was eliminated on Survivor 2013 in this round — but honestly it’s anyone’s guess.

We are most interested in seeing what new alliances will form once the two tribes are reshuffled and the veterans and newbies are more mixed up together. Will any old deals and alliances survive? And which loved ones will end up back together? (Hint: Only one ‘team’ actually ends up on the same team.) And who will end up the first victim of the new tribes at tonight’s Tribal Council?

Join us for our live Survivor Blood vs Water recap starting right here below at 8PM ET. Please be sure to refresh this page often for the latest updates once the show starts!

Here we go! Galang is back from Tribal Council and Laura Boneham is very happy that she is still in the game. She thinks her husband Rupert Boneham will be so proud that she doing well so far. The tribe talks about blindsiding and voting out Laura Morett and what she might say at the Redemption Island challenge. Aras Baskauskas is worried because he was getting the evil eye from Laura M. before she was voted out and he’s concerned he has become the ringleader of the tribe. That’s a bad place to be unless you want a big target on your back.

Tyson Apostol and Gervase Peterson talk the next day about Aras being a threat they need to get rid of. It will only get worse when the two tribes merge if he ends up paired with his brother, Vytas Baskauskas. They have to tread carefully and decide what they are going to do next.

After a break, it’s time for the Redemption Island challenge to find out who is going home tonight.


At the Redemption Island challenge, things go very fast indeed. This challenge is a race against time with everyone working at such a frantic pace that it is difficult to keep track of what is happening. Laura M. took an early lead and pretty much kept it throughout the entire competition. Brad and John trade leads back and forth a few times but in the end, it is the veteran who lost out.

Brad Culpepper is the one who went home on Survivor 27 tonight, which is not something we expected to happen. We the very experienced veteran would hang on at least one more week! Now his wife, Monica Culpepper, will have to forge on ahead alone — which actually could be a good thing for her. Without her hubby poised to come back in the game, her tribe may now consider her less of a target. Laura M. gives the immunity idol clue to Vytas, who promptly throws it in the fire without looking at it. He doesn’t want the clue to make him a target.

Survivor 2013 blood vs water week 6

Now it’s time for the tribe swaps, which is a good thing for the newbies since they’ve previously lost every immunity challenge except one. Everyone draws lots to decide who will be on which tribe. Here’s how it all panned out:

Galang: Monica, Katie, Tina, Laura B., Vytas, and Kat.

Tadhana: Aras, Ciera, Hayden, Gervase, Caleb, and Tyson.

The only actual ‘team’ that ends up together are mother/daughter pair Katie Collins and Tina Wesson. The Galang tribe ends up with only one guy, which could make physical challenges much more difficult for them. The Tadhana tribe, meanwhile, ends up with just one girl. That leaves her as the odd person out and could make her a target if the guys decide to get rid of what they may consider the weakest link.

Survivor 2013 blood vs water week 6 2

Over on his new Tadhana tribe, Tyson is all about stealing and eating as much food as he can get and says he is going to be the “one man wrecking ball” of eating. So that’s where tonight’s episode title comes from actually. Gervase and Aras are all about eating everything they can get their hands on too. Former Big Brother winner Hayden Moss is not really happy about all this food sneaking but he can’t really do anything about it.

At the Galang tribe, Tina and Katie are together and very happy about it. However, they should be feeling more wary because their tribe mates might decide they need to get rid of one of them and break up their team. Vytas is feeling like the oddball as the only guy and not having anyone to team up with. Monica can’t seem to stop talking strategy which is pissing Kat Edorsson off.

Back at Tadhana, Tyson and Gervase were planning to get rid of Aras, so now Tyson is working to try to get everyone to think Aras is acting like he is all in charge and running the camp so he becomes the bigger target.

Time for the “Buoy Oh Buoy” immunity challenge and this one is going to be a pain. The tribes have to compete in pairs to retrieve fish traps with puzzle pieces inside. The first tribe to get their puzzle completed will win immunity and a lavish picnic.

Gervase and Aras help the Tadhana tribe take a fast lead. Galang flounders behind when Laura B. and Tina forget to haul back the fish trap they just released from under the water. This puts the tribe so behind that there seems to be no way they can catch up. Amazingly, Galang catches up with Tadhana and actually manages to get their puzzle together first… and then it’s wrong! Tadhana forges ahead and completes their puzzle correctly and wins immunity and the picnic.

Back at camp, Galang starts discussing strategy about who will get voted out tonight. The girls initially want to go after Vytas as the only guy and keep an all-girls alliance strong. But the girls are at each other’s throats. Kat makes the mistake of telling Lisa she wants Monica out because she won’t stop talking strategy. Lisa squeals to Monica and now the the vote is going to go against Kat instead of Vytas. Kat denies to Monica that she said anything about getting her out but Monica doesn’t believe her.

At Tribal Council, Kat continues to lie about not saying anything about throwing Monica under the bus. Monica continues not to believe her. Vytas, knowing he is in danger from an all-girls alliance, fans the flames of distrust and disloyalty against Kat. After a lot of back and forth about what is the best strategy, it is time for the votes. Here’s the count:

Vote against Vytas
Vote against Kat
Vote against Kat
Vote against Kat
Vote against Kat

The sixth person voted out of Survivor Blood vs. Water is Kat. We are betting that former Big Brother winner Hayden Moss is not going to be happy about seeing Kat on Redemption Island next week!

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