Last week on Survivor 2013, Kat Edorsson choked up during the Redemption Island challenge and ended up being the one who went home. We’re pretty sure Big Brother alum Hayden Moss was feeling pretty lousy after refusing to switch places with her even after she basically begged him in tears.

Survivor 2013 Kat Edorsson - Source: CBS/YouTube

Survivor 2013 Kat Edorsson – Source: CBS/YouTube

In her Survivor 2013 exit interview, Kat said playing with boyfriend Hayden Moss was “probably one of the best and worst experiences of my life.” Kat said she was more worried about what he was doing and it felt like “the end of the world” that she had to compete against him on the show rather than playing together.

“I came in here to play my own game, but essentially that’s not what happened. I ended up playing our game,” Kat said. As for the “love of her life” Hayden, she feels like he actually has a better chance of winning so she can’t “technically” be mad that she went home. Even so, she said it is the “most selfless thing I’ve done in my life” not to let Hayden switch with her.

We kind of have to tell you Kat, we don’t think he would have no matter how much you begged. Hayden is just way too competitive and he wants that title of “sole survivor” for himself. He wasn’t going to give it up but it is nice that you think it is all about your “selfless” act.


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