Big Brother Winner Hayden Moss Celebrates Survivor 2013 Wins [VIDEO]

In a bonus scene from last week’s Survivor 2013 episode, former Big Brother winner Hayden Moss talks about the happiness that comes from his tribe winning two immunity challenges in a row. It’s a good thing for the Tadhana tribe and Hayden, because previously they had lost four challenges in a row.

Survivor 2013 Hayden Moss
Hayden Moss on Survivor Blood vs Water – Source: CBS/YouTube

“We lost the first four and I was depressed,” Hayden says in the bonus video. “Now it’s a total turn of events. Two wins in a row. Stomachs are full. Things can’t get any better over here.”

Hayden and his tribe were gifted with a massive picnic for winning the immunity challenge last week. They pigged out on brownies, cheese, bread, meat and “unbelievably ice cold juice.” Hayden says back home you take things for granted, like a ham sandwich, but out here a ham sandwich is “gourmet.”

“I’m full. I’m happy. I don’t have to go to Tribal. I’m safe for at least a few nights,” Hayden Moss says. As for who he wants to go home next on Survivor Blood vs Water, the former Big Brother winner says he wants Laura B. to go home from the Galang tribe.

What Hayden doesn’t know yet and will find out on this week’s episode is that his girlfriend, Kat Edorsson, was voted out by the Galang Tribe and will now be forced to fight for her life on Redemption Island. Unless, of course, he is willing to trade places with her and let her go back in the game instead of him. Somehow… we’re thinking that is not going to happen.

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